9th Class Pak Studies Notes In Urdu And English (Updated 2024)

9th Class Pak Studies Notes in Urdu and English are available for free download in PDF format. The notes are updated for the 2024 syllabus and cover all the important topics in the subject.

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9th Class Pak Studies Notes

This file can be downloaded with a single click or even you can view online if you don’t have a PDF reader. Yet the amazing fact is either you are online or have poor access to the internet our website will remain helpful. This content is according to the new course of the Federal Board (FBISE), as before there was no Pak Study book in 9th Class.

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According to our educational courses of HSC one can easily surmise that this is the only book that has remained close to our glorious past as it accumulates in itself the history of our beloved country Pakistan. It is important to know the ideology of Pakistan, which was the main purpose to make a separate state hence named as “The Islamic Republic of Pakistan” .

You might be thinking why! It is critical because our youth have forgotten the difference between Hindustan and Pakistan, significantly our religious perspective . These notes would help you clear this concept. It is all told in the first chapter Then you will find out the difficulties Pakistan faced in the second chapter. How millions of people who migrated from India to Pakistan how they were helped.

How Quid-e-Azam helped theme by establishing Refugee Fund. In the third chapter, you will come to know which country is the north, south, east and west. The last chapter is more important where constitutions of Pakistan are depicted. These notes are one of the best notes in the market that can help you in getting great marks in exams.


Pakistan Studies is the systematic and objective study of Pakistan’s past and present in their wider contexts and of the contribution made by the people of Pakistan to the development of human civilization.

It seeks to promote and reinforce among the people a spirit of loyalty, patriotism and devotion to duty, so that they may play their part in promoting the solidarity of the nation, defending it against all threats, safeguarding its ideological frontiers, maintaining internal security and developing it into a dynamic and progressive state.

Its aim is to inculcate in students a sense of pride in their national heritage, in their cultural achievements, in what they have done for themselves as well as for humanity at large and thus to develop among them a national outlook which combines in itself a sense of national unity with a realization of unity with the rest of mankind.

The study of a country’s geography, history, economy and politics is known as political science or civics. The study of a country’s history, land, people and their customs and traditions is known as the study of that country. It is also called country study.

In Pakistan it is taught as Pak Studies. The syllabus of Pak Studies for matriculation has been designed by the Federal Board of Intermediate Education.

Pakistan was the first country to be created on the ideological basis of Islam. Its constitution was drafted after the model of Khilafat, which was an Islamic state based on Sharia law. However, Pakistan’s ideology goes back to the Mughal period and beyond that to Jahangir’s reign (1605-28). This article will discuss how Pakistan became what it is today by looking at its history from its earliest days as part of British India up through Partition and beyond.

Chapter Overview In 9th Class Pak Studies Notes

  • Ideological Basis of Pakistan

Pakistan is an ideological state. It was created on the basis of the Two-Nation Theory, which states that Muslims and Hindus are two different nations and cannot live together in peace. Hence, Pakistan was created to provide a homeland for the Muslims of the subcontinent, who were suffering under British rule at that time. The creation of Pakistan was largely motivated by religious considerations as it aimed to safeguard the rights of Muslims living in India at that time.

  • Making of Pakistan

Pakistan was created in 1947 as a homeland for the Muslims of India. The creation of Pakistan was made possible by the fact that it was bordered by two Muslim countries, Afghanistan and Iran (now comprising parts of Central Asia). It was also important that these countries were not contiguous with India.

In this way, Pakistan became an independent country in 1947. At this point in time, there were two distinct entities within India: Punjab and Bengal. Punjab had been taken up by Hindus during Partition, while Bengal had become part of East Pakistan (now Bangladesh). In order to create Pakistan with its own distinct identity apart from any other country then present on Earth today, both Punjab and Bengal were combined together into one entity called “Pakistan.”

  • Land and Environment

Pakistan is a land of rivers, mountains, and plains. It is a land of deserts and forests. It is a land of lakes and seas. It has the highest mountain range in South Asia, the Himalayas; it also has some of the world’s most fertile lands in its Indus River valley.

The country has an area of 803,940 square miles (2,100,000 square kilometers). Pakistan borders Afghanistan to the west in which they share a border called Durand Line; China(Xinjiang province) to the east; India(Jammu & Kashmir) to the north-west; Iran(Balochistan) on its western border; China(Xinjiang province) on its eastern border; India(Jammu & Kashmir) on its northern border.

  • History of Pakistan 

You are probably wondering how a country that was formed in 1947 first came to be. Pakistan is a Muslim-majority country that was formed as a result of the Partition of India. The Partition resulted from India’s independence from the British Empire in 1946, which left Hindus and Muslims with different political, economic, and cultural interests.

In order to avoid sectarian violence between these groups (which had already occurred), British leaders proposed that an independent state be created for Muslims on their side of India. This gave rise to two independent states: Pakistan and India (which itself has since become further divided into several smaller nations).

Pakistan is considered a parliamentary democracy; this means that its government consists entirely of elected officials who run elections every few years based on laws set forth by lawmakers called legislators or parliamentarians (or MPs).

Each citizen over 18 years old can vote for his or her preferred party or candidate through secret ballot voting at designated polling stations throughout each province within Pakistan; after all, votes have been counted by election officials based on rules set forth by lawmakers/MPSs during their term in office, these officials declare who won each position based largely upon whether candidates received more than 50%+1 vote share in any given district.

9th Class Notes

The notes can also be used for Punjab Board and others that have the same syllabus. It is a good idea to consult with TOP STUDY World for an authentic guide when you have such fierce competition and need quality notes to study from while sitting in an examination hall full of your competitors.