Chapter 3 – Land And Environment Notes In PDF [9th Class]

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Pakistan Studies is a combination of history and law, geography, sociology and political science. It is the only subject which inculcates in the students a sense of pride for their country. It is an essential part of school curriculum.

The subject matter of this book is the history of the people of Pakistan from their origin to the present day. It deals with their ethnic characteristics, languages, religions, political institutions and their interaction with the environment. The author has tried his best to say what ought to be said in a simple style and in a manner easily comprehensible by the students.

The book is meant for students at the intermediate level. A comprehensive knowledge of Pakistan’s history is vital not only to understand its immediate problems but also to plan intelligently for future.

With this end in view, every effort has been made by the writer to make it simple and easy. So that it may cater for the needs of all classes of people who are interested in knowing about their country’s past.

The source material used herein is mainly primary consisting mainly of original texts and documents from which quotations have been liberally used so as to make the book more authentic and interesting.