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The notes are prepared in a concise and easy-to-understand format, which allows students to quickly grasp complex concepts. With our notes, students can learn at their own pace, review topics they are struggling with, and strengthen their understanding of key concepts.

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Class 11 Computer Science Notes

View and Download: Class 11 Computer Science Notes

You will find:

  • Chapter 1 – Overview of Computer System Notes
  • Chapter 2 – Computer Memory Notes
  • Chapter 3 – Central Processing Unit Notes
  • Chapter 4 – Inside System Unit Notes
  • Chapter 5 – Network Communications and protocols Notes
  • Chapter 6 – Wireless Communication Notes
  • Chapter 7 – Database Fundamentals Notes
  • Chapter 8 – Database Development Notes

Class 11 Physics Notes

View and Download: Class 11 Physics Notes (Updated Syllabus)

New Syllabus:

  • Vectors and Equilibrium 
  • Equilibrium is when the sum of all forces acting on an object is zero.
  • For example, if a book is sitting on a table, the force of gravity pulling down on it is balanced by the normal force pushing up on it. So, the forces acting on it are in equilibrium, and the book won’t move.
  • To add two vectors together (addition means to find the net result), you have to determine which side of your coordinate system they are on. If both are on the same side and going in the same direction, then you just add them together normally. 
  • If one is positive and one negative (on opposite sides), then you have to place them head-to-tail so that they overlap and form a straight line. Then draw a vector from the tail of one to the head of the othervectorand this will be your new vector.
  • Now that we understand what equilibrium is, let’s look at vectors.
  • Vectors have been around for only about a hundred years.  And yet we still don’t talk about them much in everyday life; it is hard to explain why we need them.
  • There are two kinds of curves: lines and surfaces. A line is just a one-dimensional thing. You can draw a line on the ground or in space by putting straight sticks in the ground or pushing them out into space. But if you want to draw a line that goes through every point on its path, you have to keep drawing sticks out and sticking them in again.
  • Motion and Force
  • Work and Energy 
  • Rotation and Circular Motion
  • Fluid Dynamics
  • Oscillation
  • Waves
  • Physical Optics 
  • Thermodynamics

Class 11 Chemistry Notes

View and Download: Class 11 Chemistry Notes

You will find:

  • Chapter 1 -Stoichiometry Notes
  • Chapter 2 – Atomic structure Notes
  • Chapter 3 – Theories of Covalent Bonding and Shapes of Molecules Notes
  • Chapter 4- State of Matter of Gases Notes
  • Chapter 5 – State of matter II Liquids Notes
  • Chapter 6 – State of matter III Solids Notes
  • Chapter 7 – Chemical Equilibrium Notes
  • Chapter 8 – Acids Bases and Salts Notes
  • Chapter 9 -Chemical kinetics Notes
  • Chapter 10 – Solutions and Colloids Notes
  • Chapter 11 – Thermochemistry Notes
  • Chapter 12 – Electrochemistry Notes

Class 11 Islamiyat Notes

View and Download: Class 11 Islamiyat Notes

You will find:

  • Chapter 1 – Bunyadi Aqaid Notes
  • Chapter 2 – Islami Tashks Notes
  • Chapter 3 – Uswa E Rasool Akram Notes
  • Chapter 4 – Taruf Quran e Hadees Notes

Class 11 Biology Notes

View and Download: Class 11 Biology Notes

You will find:

  • Chapter 1 – Cell Structure and Function Notes
  • Chapter 2 – Biological Molecules Notes
  • Chapter 3 -Enzymes Notes
  • Chapter 4 – Bioenergetics Notes
  • Chapter 5 – Acellular life Notes
  • Chapter 6 – Prokaryotes Notes
  • Chapter 7 – Protists and Fungi Notes
  • Chapter 8 -Diversity Among Plants Notes
  • Chapter 9 – Diversity among animals Notes
  • Chapter 10 – Forms and Functions in Plants Notes
  • Chapter 11 – Digestion Notes
  • Chapter 12 – Circulation Notes
  • Chapter 13 – Immunity Notes

Class 11 English Notes

View and Download: Class 11 English Notes

You will find:

  • Chapter 1 – His First flight
  • Chapter 2 – First year at Harrow
  • Chapter 3 – September, The first day of school
  • Chapter 4 – It’s Country for me
  • Chapter 5 – Our Environment
  • Chapter 6 – Tears of Nature
  • Chapter 7 – The Blanket
  • Chapter 8 – The way it was and is
  • Chapter 9 – The most beautiful flower
  • Chapter 10 – The Scholarship Jacket
  • Chapter 11 – A long walk home
  • Chapter 12 – Be the best whatever you are
  • Chapter 13 – Fly Away
  • Chapter 14 – The man who was a hospital
  • Chapter 15 – When I’m an Old Lady
  • Chapter 16 – Finding a job
  • Chapter 17 – A Stressful Job
  • Chapter 18 – Writing letters
  • Chapter 19 – Making an Appointment
  • Chapter 20 – At the dental reception
  • Chapter 21 – Dental Checkup
  • Chapter 22 – Dental Hygiene
  • Chapter 23 – Damon and Pythias

Class 11 English Grammar Notes

View and Download: Class 11 English Grammar Notes

You will find:

  • Active Voice and Passive Voice
  • Applied Grammar
  • The Sentences
  • Pairs of Words
  • Paragraphs
  • Passages
  • Phrasal Verbs
  • Punctuation

Class 11 Islamiat Notes

View and Download: Class 11 Islamiat Notes

You will find:

  • Fundamental Beliefs
  • The Holy Prophet (P.b.u.h) and Glimpses
  • Distinguished Characteristic of Islam
  • Introduction of the Holy Quran and Al-hadith
  • Love and Obedience of Allah and the Holy Prophet
  • Test Yourself