Class 11 English Notes For FBISE

Are you looking for the Class 11th Class English notes for the Federal Board and can’t find a reliable site? Then, stop searching right away. You have come to the right place. Bookmark this article so you can come back anytime you want and benefit from the notes. Why is our website the perfect site to be providing the notes? Because you can download as well as you can view the notes without downloading. The translation, vocabulary, comprehension and solved exercise – all are included in the notes for each chapter.

All Subjects 11th Class Notes in One Place

11th Class Notes

Needless to say, it’s got everything you want under one roof. Without further ado, let us see what the course looks like and how our notes can help you all in preparing well. English is a language. It is an international language. It is spoken all over the world. England is where it started. That is why we call it English.

You can learn English by many ways, such as writing, listening, watching movies and so on. When you learn English, you must practice writing and reading a lot. Reading can enrich your vocabulary and enlarge your knowledge about everything. Besides, watching movies in English will be helpful to you too.

Then you will have no problems following what others say in the movie. Not only that, but also you should listen to songs in English or watch news in English everyday. In this way, your listening will be improved greatly and your pronunciation will become better and better with time going on. To sum up, if you work hard at it, I’m sure you will make great progress soon!

This is a preface of the book “English for the Thoughtful.” If any foreign student, who has struggled with the English language for years, happened to read this book, he would get a new concept of what English really is. What he has got before are only some misleading ideas that English is something formal and rigid.

Those traditional styles and structures do not suit the modern young people anymore. The author points out that we have to find a new way to express ourselves through our mother tongue.