9th Class Chemistry Notes Solved Exercises PDF

The 9th Class Chemistry Notes with Solved Examples is a comprehensive guide for students studying in the Class 9 in Pakistan. These notes covers a wide range of topics, including the fundamentals of chemistry, the structure of atoms, the periodic table, and more.

These chemistry notes are based on 8 chapters. You can study them one by one. Here are the main questions of all the 8 chapters.

9th Class Chemistry Notes

9th Class Chemistry Notes

Chapter 1 – Fundamentals Of Chemistry

  • Define Chemistry. Give its importance in daily life.
  • Define and describe the various branches of chemistry.
  • Define Matter, Substance, Physical Properties and Chemical Properties.

Chapter 2 – Structure Of Atoms

  • How are cathode rays produced.
  • How it was proved that electrons are fundamental particles of an atom.
  • Draw a labeled diagram to show the presence of protons.

Chapter 3 – Periodic Table And Periodicity Of Properties

  • Describe Dobereiner’s triade with examples.
  • Describe Newlands octaves and also write its drawback.
  • Explain the contribution of Mendeleev for the arrangements of elements.

Chapter 4 – Structure Of Molecules

  • Define Ionic bond.
  • What is covalent bond?
  • Write a note on coordinate covalent bond.

Chapter 5 – Physical States Of Matter

  • Explain the typical properties of gases.
  • Define Boyle’s Law.
  • In which units blood pressure measured?

Chapter 6 – Solutions

  • Define the following. (Solute, Solvent, Universal Solvent etc.)
  • Write the preparation of saturated solutions.
  • Define super saturated solutions.

Chapter 7 – Electrochemistry

  • Define Oxidation state.
  • Explain Oxidation reduction reaction.
  • How sodium metal is extracted from fused chloride.

Chapter 8 – Chemical Reactivity

  • Define metals.
  • Write a note on electropositive character of metals.
  • Write a note reactivities of Alkali and Alkaline earth metals.

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