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Essay on Environment – 200 Words

The environment is the thing that surrounds us everywhere we go. We all share everyday items such as air, water, plants, animals, light, and land. These are the things that create an ecosystem where living things, including humans, can survive. Today, scientists have confirmed that Earth, indeed, is a precious planet of the universe.

Our environment acts like a protective shell that sustains all life we see today. Our world is made up of both living and nonliving things. Living things are organisms that grow or move. Air, water, and land are non-living things. Every system or mechanism in nature works in a well-coordinated manner. Humans are the most dominant creatures in the world.

We can depend on ourselves and all the natural resources that we need to survive.

Wherever we go, we can take with us all our needs. Humans are the most dominant creatures in the world. We can depend on ourselves and all the natural resources that we need to survive. Wherever we go, we can take with us all our needs. The environment includes many different layers. The atmosphere, hydrosphere, lithosphere, and biosphere are the main ones.

All the water bodies on earth make up the hydrosphere. The lithosphere is the covering of land that consists of rock and soil. Life exists in the biosphere.

Essay on Environment – 500 Words

Living things, including humans, depend on the environment. The air we breathe, the water we drink, and the sunlight we need for photosynthesis all come from the background. Humans are also part of the environment — whether you live in a city or in the middle of a forest.

The environment is very fragile and needs to be protected. The only place in the universe that supports life on earth is our mother earth. If you are interested, you can read more about the environment and its importance to our lives here.

Ultimately, we still don’t fully understand the environment. But we can still learn a lot from it. We can use the environment as a baseline for many things, including keeping living creatures in good health.

Environmental issues are becoming a matter of growing concern. Gases and pollutants emitted by automobiles cause massive pollution in the atmosphere affecting the ecological balance that maintains life. This leads to an increase in temperature and global warming that affects lives adversely.

People could only live on earth; our entire survival entirely depends on the environment. The environment also helps maintain the life cycles of the plants and animals that we need to live.

The natural world is not just a pretty spot to take pictures. Rivers, waterfalls, and other beautiful wild places offer human beings the opportunity to relax and play, a chance to think clearly, and are necessary for maintaining physical health and mental well-being.

Benefits of the Environment

Trees provide many benefits, such as clean air, and a home for millions of species is invaluable. However, wood products such as paper, lumber, and paper products continue to grow worldwide. This has led to deforestation, which threatens endangered species, ecosystems, and the oxygen-producing capabilities of trees.

Plants and trees are responsible for benefitting us in multiple ways. They carry out photosynthesis, which provides us with oxygen, absorbs harmful gases from the atmosphere, purifies water, and reduces the chances of flooding.

Moreover, we would like to add that the institution makes sure that the environment remains in its current state of existence. Every procedure and operation that the institution undertakes must be done with an eye on how it will affect the ecosystem. Besides, their idea of maintaining a healthy ecosystem dovetails seamlessly with our vision of preserving the beauty and quality of life on earth.

Cause of Environmental Degradation

The leading cause of environmental degradation has been human activities. Human beings do not hesitate to put the environment at risk just for the sake of material gain.

Pollution is a human activity that has caused a considerable amount of damage to the planet and its natural resources. It can be anything from biochemical wastes, oil spills, mining cycle wastes, atmosphere pollution, plastic wastes, and radioactive materials.

Due to environmental pollution and degradation, the world’s twelve life zones will face a threat of extinction. A massive chunk of arable land is devoted to producing crops, and most of it is getting destroyed because of industrialization and urbanization. The rate at which the soil is wasted since the advent of neem-coated urea2 will increase if we continue to use urea in excess.

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