Essay on My Favourite Food for Students and Children (200 & 500 Words)

Food is not just a necessity for sustenance, it is also a great source of joy that brings people together. The aromas, flavours, colors and textures of food speak to all our senses and become intrinsically tied to our memories and emotions.

While I enjoy food from various cuisines from around the world, when I think of comfort food, my mind immediately goes back to my favourite food from childhood – my grandmother’s biryani. Just the thought of this aromatic, flavorsome dish transports me back to fond memories spent together as a family.

The tender rice, fragrant spices, and succulent chicken or mutton pieces blended together in perfect harmony have made biryani my ultimate comfort food for life. This dish is so steeped in nostalgia and love for me that it has become my favourite food of all time. In this essay, I will explore how the delectable biryani dish, my favourite food, connects me to my roots and family traditions.

Essay on My Favourite Food (200 words)

My favourite food is pizza. I love eating pizza because it tastes so good! The cheesy melted mozzarella on top of the thick, tasty tomato sauce on the soft dough is amazing. I like having different toppings on my pizza to make each bite unique. My favourite toppings are pepperoni, sausage, extra cheese, olives, peppers, onions, and mushrooms. The spicy pepperoni and savory sausage adds great flavor. The extra cheese makes each bite extra gooey and cheesy. Olives give a tangy, salty taste that balances the richness of the cheese. Onions and peppers add a nice crunch and a bit of spice. Earthy mushrooms provide an extra layer of texture and taste. With so many possibilities, pizza makes each meal fun and different.

The best thing about pizza is sharing it with family and friends. On Friday nights, we get pizza delivered and gather in the living room to eat together. We watch a movie and enjoy each other’s company. Pizza brings my family together, even if we all like different toppings. We have great conversations over delicious slices of cheesy goodness. Pizza is also fun to eat at birthday parties. I love gathering with my friends to enjoy pizza and celebrate another year. The happy memories made while eating pizza are part of what makes it so special.

Whether plain cheese or loaded up with toppings, pizza is my undisputed favourite food. The melted cheese, zesty sauce, and interplay of flavors create a mouthwatering meal. Pizza is even better when eating it with loved ones. Pizza brings people together and creates happy memories. For all these reasons, pizza has my heart and my appetite!

Essay on My Favourite Food (500 words)


Pizza is hands down my favourite food. The melted cheese, zesty tomato sauce, and blend of toppings come together to create the perfect flavor combination. Pizza is a food that brings people together and has become associated with good times and celebrations. There are so many ways to customize your pizza, making each one unique. Pizza is also easy to share and a great meal for family, friends, or parties. For all these reasons and more, pizza has won my heart and my appetite.

Toppings That Make the Pizza

Part of what makes pizza so great is being able to choose your favorite toppings to customize your perfect pie. I like to load my pizza up with all my favorites to make each bite full of flavor. My go-to toppings are pepperoni, Italian sausage, extra cheese, olives, onions, peppers, and mushrooms.

Pepperoni gives a nice spicy kick and crisp texture. Cupped pepperoni get a delicious char when baked. Savory Italian sausage also boosts the flavor. The extra cheese is essential for guaranteeing gooey, melted goodness in every cheesy bite. Black olives provide a briny, salty contrast to the richness of the cheese. Sliced onions add a pleasant crunch and subtle sweetness. Green bell peppers bring a freshness and slight spice. Meaty mushrooms lend an earthy element. With all these toppings, no two bites are the same!

Why Pizza is Perfect for Gatherings

In addition to tasting great, pizza is the ideal food for social gatherings and celebrations. Pizza is simple to share at parties since it comes in nice evenly sliced triangles. You don’t need plates and utensils to enjoy it, making it convenient to mingle and eat. It’s also affordable, especially when you split the cost with friends. Plus, it satisfies everyone’s tastes since people can choose the toppings they want on their slices.

My family also regularly enjoys pizza on Friday movie nights. We order a few pies with different toppings to please all our preferences. Sitting together in the living room, chatting and watching movies over hot pizza creates lasting memories. The same goes for enjoying pizza at birthday parties with my closest friends. Good pizza makes any gathering even more fun and special.

Easy to Customize

It’s so fun to customize your perfect pizza with different crusts, sauces, cheeses, and toppings. You can go classic with regular or thin crust, mozzarella, and tomato sauce. Or change it up with thick, buttery pan crust or tangy white sauce instead of red. There are so many possibilities when building your ideal pizza!

My favourite is thin crust layered with melty mozzarella cheese, hearty tomato sauce, and loaded with my favourite toppings of pepperoni, sausage, peppers, onions, olives, and mushrooms. The interplay of flavors and textures from the crust up is pizza perfection. But plain cheese works great too when you want to keep it simple. Pizza lovers never get bored, thanks to endless ways to switch up this delicious meal.


Pizza has earned its place as my ultimate comfort food and favourite meal for so many reasons. With its shareable nature, customization, and association with fun times, pizza brings people together and satisfies everyone. The melted cheese and juicy toppings sandwiched between a crispy, chewy crust create a mouthwatering experience in each bite. Pizza is a craving I never ignore. Whenever I want great food that’s social, customizable, and full of flavor, pizza is my number one choice. Its endless variety, convenience, and deliciousness make pizza a favourite meal to be enjoyed anytime and anywhere with the people you love.

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