Introduction To ISSB

By Aleena Hussain

Do you dream of serving Pakistan as an armed officer?

If yes, then you have to pass the ISSB test!

For those of you who do not belong to the army family background, and are quite unfamiliar with the ISSB, don’t worry!

Related To ISSB:

The ISSB stands for the Inter-Services Selection Board. This board is set up to recruit and select the potential candidates and applicants for service in the armed forces of Pakistan including Pakistan Army, Navy and Air Force.

The first official headquarters of ISSB in Pakistan was established in Kohat in 1952, while two other setups were formed in Gujranwala in 1984 and Malir in 1987.

The job of the ISSB is to select and specify those individuals or the manpower having the necessary leadership qualities, sound intelligence and strength to be commissioned in the armed forces of Pakistan.

This selection of potential candidates is made through 5 days of organized psychological screening and testing to assess the ability, aptitude and personality of the applicant, at the three centers of the ISSB.

This training hub selects suitable candidates based on their psychological evaluation. It acknowledges them to be fit for further military training or recommends them to be undesirable for services in the armed forces of Pakistan.

The headquarters mainly decides the number of candidates to be ascertained based on the manpower required and the nation’s current defense condition.

The candidates passing the psychological and the subsequent medical test, are then enrolled in one of the Pakistan military academies for further physical training.

These military academies include the Pakistan Military Academy in Kakul, Pakistan Naval Academy in Manora and the Pakistan Air Force Academy in Risalpur.

However, some cadet colleges and military academies/colleges do conduct the educational and physical training of cadets to prepare them for the ISSB test.