ISSB FAQs: Top 10 Frequently Asked Questions

By Aleena Hussain

Want to appear for the ISSB test but have a few questions in mind regarding the ISSB test?

Don’t worry we have compiled a list of all the possible ISSB Test FAQs.

This list will definitely help you overcome any query or inquiry you have regarding the ISSB Test.


Q1. How Many Aspirants Can Be Selected From A Batch Or A Group?

No specific figure is marked or a limit is set down to the number of aspirants to be selected from a batch or out of a group.

If all the applicants from a batch or group achieve the standards set by the selection board, then all the applicants will be selected for the commission.

However, if none of the applicants in any h or from a group achieve the standard then none might be selected.

Hence the candidate should have confidence in his abilities and put his best effort forward.

Q2. What Will Happen In The Case If A Candidate Becomes Ill Or Injured?

Free medical facilities are delivered to the applicants at ISSB. The staff of the selection board make certain that the candidates do not fall sick or be injured during his or her stay or trials at ISSB.

Whereas in the case of serious injury or sickness, the aspirant is brought to the Combined Military Hospital (CMH) for medication. The aspirant may also be admitted in the hospital which depends upon the gravity of the illness.

If the candidate has skipped his or her full tests due to any sickness, in that case, the candidate will be termed as “Withdrawn” and the applicant’s opportunity for the ISSB test will not be accepted.

If an applicant has appeared in the ISSB tests but forfeited a fraction of the GTO’s tasks or interview. In that case, the applicant is termed as “Not Fully Boarded”. Therefore, the applicant’s chance at the ISSB will not be considered.

The circumstance of “not to appear at ISSB within 120 days”, will not be applicable to the applicant if he or she is termed as ” Not Fully Boarded”. Thereby, the applicant can appear for the ISSB test when he or she is healthy and well.

Q3. Is There Any Effect On The Issb Test Of The Preliminary Training Or Prior Coaching?

We dissuade aspirants to partake in coaching practices as it curbs the exuberance of the individual. Those candidates who partake in prior coaching, generally display a stereotypical conduct that disguises their ingenuity.

Additionally, coached and tutored applicants are further inclined to becoming single-tracked.

Q4. Are There Any Differences Between The Examination Systems Of The Three Services?

No. The examination system for all the three services is identical. Nevertheless, in order to come up to the prerequisites of the service, for a couple of programs, the applicants are assessed in 2 dimensions including Psychologist Tests and Interview only. Regardless, there are no distinctions in the strategy of these tests.

Q5. Can An Aspirant Appear For The ISSB Test In The Exact Half Of The Year For Two Services?

Not precisely. However, an applicant may appear in the ISSB test for any program if the following conditions are acknowledged:

  • Any aspirant cannot appear in the ISSB test within the 4 months or 120 days of his/her last appearance.
  • If the candidate has not depleted his two chances of appearing in the ISSB test.

Q6. Are There Any Compensations For The Female Aspirants?

There is no disparity between the candidate selection criterion between a male and a female candidate but merely a few substitutions in tests and field activities.

The female aspirants are generally assessed in 2 dimensions (2D) that includes Psychologist Tests, Interview and occasional GTO undertakings. This excludes those who are pertaining to GD (P) or CAE. These are assessed in all 3 dimensional (3D) tests including Interview, GTO Tasks and Psychologist Tests.

However, the candidates need to keep in mind that these test structures mei shift when service conditions are ordered.

Q7. If An Applicant Is Referred By The ISSB, Will He Or She Be Certainly Assigned And Appointed To Enlist In The Academy?

Normally it is correct but it is not always the case. The selection board mainly refers to the applicants for various courses whereas the final and official merit list is organized by the concerned services.

This is done only in case the figure of recommended candidates is high then the openings for the certain course. In most circumstances, the aspirant recommended by the selection board commits to the academy except it may not happen.

The name of the applicant may not be part of the final merit list and he or she may not be contacted for the training.

Q8. What Exactly Is The Period/Duration Of Validity Of Recommendation Of ISSB For A Certain Program?

If an applicant was recommended for a certain course but was unable to make it to the final merit list, nonetheless, wants to re-appear in the ISSB test for the same course or another course.

Then the applicant can appear for the ISSB test after one year from the date of his or her prior ISSB test recommendation.

This is due to the probability of the candidate’s name being already a part of the waiting list for the subsequent batch or serial of that program.

Q9. If A Candidate Is Unable To Come For The Test, Can His Or Her Test Dates Be Delayed?

It is quite likely that the test dates allocated in the call letter of the candidate may align with some other examination dates of the applicant of another institution.

It is advised by the selection board that the aspirants should directly notify the selection board of these issues by post for a change in the test dates which is most likely brought about.

The aspirant should send a copy of the examination schedule as the confirmation along with the application by post to the ISSB. The candidates need to keep in mind that ISSB is not restrained to call him or her again.

However, re-call is administered when it is apparently ascertained that the applicant’s reason for not appearing on the established test dates is based on satisfactory grounds.

Q10. What Should A Candidate Do If A Candidate Does Not Receive His Call Letter But Have Viewed It On The Website?

The call letter of a candidate is handed out about 20 days before the exact date of the ISSB test. Therefore, it is an unusual likelihood of not receiving the call letter entirely.

If the aspirant has viewed his name on the website’s callup details, accordingly he or she should take a print out of the webpage of the ISSB indicating the candidate’s name and report. The personnel of ISSB have been notified to approve the print out as same as the call letter and allow the applicant to join the test.

However, the applicants have to keep in mind that they must carry their academic documents mandated for you to be considered eligible for the ISSB test.