ISSB Recommendation Validity: 8 Things You Need To Know

Do you want to take the entrance test of Armed forces again but are unaware of the recommendation validity? No need to worry because you have just arrived at the right place.

We will tell you what is ISSB Recommendation Validity.

These questions might pop up your mind if you have failed an attempt of ISSB

  • Can I apply in the next intake of armed forces?
  • Is the gap between this (failed) attempt and the next intake enough to apply?
  • Will I be rejected for reappearing so soon?

The answer to all your worries is here,

For the candidates who were previously not recommended by ISSB can be tested again within the duration of four months (120 days). This means after this duration, a candidate can again take the test.

Or tested within four one year validity time period as the validity of ISSB/GHQ/AHQ Selection Board stands for one year.

Following questions might interfere with your mind if you have been shortlisted for ISSB regarding your recommendation

1. How Many Candidates Will Be Selected?

About the selection of candidates out of a group/batch, the number is not limited. If all the candidates meet the required standards then all can be selected. And if no one would meet the requirements, then no one will be selected.

Thus, you need to worry about yourself only and have faith.

2. Will I Lose The Chance If I Fall Sick Or Get An Injury?

If you fall sick or injured, then free medical services are provided at ISSB to the candidates. In case of severe injury, you might be taken to CMH Combined Military Hospital for free check-up and even get admitted depending upon the severity of the injury.

The problem that you might think is the loss of ISSB chance. No, there won’t be the loss of chance of ISSB if you fail to take the tests due to illness or injury, you will be “Withdrawn” and the chance will not be counted.

If you had taken half of the tests and could not appear in the other half of GTO’s tasks or Interview, then you will be considered “Not Fully Boarded”. This means that your chance is not counted as well as the condition ‘not to apply within 120 days’ will not be applied.

You can reappear as soon as you are fit enough to.

3. Will I Be Recommended If I Get Prior Training/ Coaching?

The trained behavior can be easily judged at ISSB as all the trained/ coached candidates hide their originality and show a similar pattern of behavior. Thus, prior coaching is strongly discouraged.

4. Can I Appear For ISSB Tests Of Two Services In The Same Half Of The Year?

You can reappear after completing 120 days after your last appearance.

Or in case you have not exhausted your two chances for an appearance at the ISSB.

5. After A Recommendation From The ISSB, Will It Be ‘Definite’ To Join Pakistan Armed Forces?

Your name might not be called in the final merit list and you might not be sent to the academy for training if you have been recommended by ISSB.

As ISSB only forwards the lists of the candidates who pass the courses but the final merit list is prepared by the concerned services if the number of recommended candidates is more than that of the available vacancies.

6. What Is The Validity Of The Recommendation Of ISSB For A Particular Course?

If you were recommended for a particular course but your name did not appear in the final merit list and you want to reappear then you have to wait for one year from the date of your previous recommendation of ISSB. (Your name will already be included in the waiting list of the batch).

7. What If I Would Not Be Able To Take The Test On Time, Will The Dates Be Delayed?

If you have a solid excuse that the dates of your ISSB coincide with some other institutional examinations then you must immediately inform ISSB.

Remember, ISSB is not bound to call you again. You must send an application with a copy of your examination schedule by post to ISSB to inform about your condition.

8. After How Many Days Will I Get My Recommendation Letter?

If you do not receive the call letter but see your name on the website then you must take a print out of that page. The call letters are released 20 days in advance of the actual dates of call but if you do not get your call letter, then don’t panic and possess the proof from the website.