A Simple Quiz Android App For ISSB And Practice Other Tests

This is a guest post from Waqas Younis who is an Android developer.

It is the technology age, you already know, everyone wants to avail maximum easiness in his life.

Everyone wants to do maximum work right from their fingertips.

The same is the case with students, they want to learn, practice and even ready to take exams from their mobile phone. 

This thing increases the usability of apps. 

So, developers are trying their best to provide everyone a very comfortable and engaging app. 

Here I am going to represent a fantastic app named “ISSB and Entry Test Quizzes”

HTML tutorial

As it is obvious from the apps name, it is a quiz app having a nice and eye-catching interface. The app mainly is divided into three categories.

  • Abbreviations
  • Math’s Questions
  • Interview Question

For example, ISSB stands for Inter Services Selection Board

In Abbreviation section, the app contains around 30 abbreviations which are more likely to be asked in exams especially ISSB and CSS. 

You can learn a lot of abbreviations from this app and for more, read the newspaper daily. 

But you need to go higher, read World Times Academy Magazines mainly written for the CSS and ISSB students.

In Math section, up to 64 questions exist right now. 

These questions are very small and tricky and require a sharp mind to understand and solve. 

These questions help the examiner to judge the IQ level of your mind. 

The questions in this app are those which are mostly asked in many exams including universities and ISSB tests.

The last section Interview Question, it contains up to 56 questions. 

These questions are very important and help the interviewer to make a judgment about your personality. 

So, you are supposed to be polite and humble while Interview.

I hope you will learn a lot from this app, you can post your review and comments in the app reviews page on Google Play Store.

This app is continuously developing, more questions are added time to time, make sure you are using the up-to-date version of this app.

At the end of a test, a result of that particular test is shown, and then you can restart that same test, go back to the main menu or you can screenshot of that result by a single tap.

Many of the current questions in the app are copied from Noor Forces Academy Book, in the case of any mistake or misinformation, please let the developer know ASAP.