Are you preparing for the MDCAT, Federal Board, NUMS, or HEC exams? If yes, then you need to practice with the past papers of these exams to get an idea of the format, difficulty level, and types of questions.

Past papers are also helpful to revise your concepts and improve your time management skills. But where can you find the past papers of these exams for free? The answer is is a website that provides you with free access to the past papers of MDCAT, Federal Board, NUMS, and HEC exams. You can download the past papers from in PDF format and use them for your preparation.

: [MDCAT, Federal Board, NUMS & HEC Past Papers Free Download from]

In addition, many people find that looking at past papers gets them into the right frame of mind to start studying for their exams. It also helps them read and understand answers that students have written in their year or previous years.

This resource contains a collection of papers from papers 1-5 from 2002-2013, all fully worked solutions with accompanying mark schemes and examiner comments. All reports have been collated by subject area to find relevant questions easily.

So, why should you study past papers? First and foremost, there are many reasons because they represent the most accurate indicator of what will be asked on your exam. Second, they will help you learn what is essential in the course material.

Finally, they will allow you to identify patterns and make connections between seemingly disparate concepts and ideas that will help you answer questions on the actual exam.

These three points are elaborated below:

1) Past Exams Represent the Most Accurate Indicator of What Will be Asked on Your Exam. We already know that past high school and college exams have the same structure as AP exams. So, if you look at past AP Physics B exams, you will have a pretty good idea of what you’re likely to see on your AP Physics B exam.

We already know that all questions cover topics from chapters 1 and 2 in your textbook (unless otherwise specified). Therefore, if we look at past AP Physics B exams (that were released by College Board), we can get a good idea of what topics may be covered in the exam. We can also get a good idea of how many questions will be asked in each topic area. 


MDCAT is a new way to measure student learning. It’s been developed by some of the nation’s leading experts in educational testing, and it will be administered for the first time in 2013.

The MDCAT has been designed to provide a more precise picture of what students know, measuring their mastery of the knowledge that prepares them for success in college and a career.

The test will assess how well students have mastered skills in three areas: reading comprehension, mathematical problem solving, and writing.

The skills measured by the MDCAT are relevant to any education or training program, including high school or community college courses and apprenticeships and even work-based training programs like those offered by employers like AT&T and Microsoft. These skills are essential to college and career readiness. They’re also crucial to other kinds of preparation ― whether you’re training to be a firefighter, auto mechanic, or soldier.

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The MDCAT is designed to assess those skills, not specific facts or topics that might change from one year to the next. And it can be taken on either a computer or with pencil and paper.”



FMDC stands for Fully-Managed Data Center. It is a development that allows companies like Google, Facebook, and Amazon to make their servers to use them in a data center.

FMDC’s are different from standard servers because they maximize efficiency and minimize cost.

The idea for FMDC was developed by Facebook and based on open-source software called Open Compute Project (OCP). Initially, this project was only available to tech giants, but now the specifications are open to anyone who wants them. Anyone can now use these designs and create their FMDCs.

This program will feature a diverse group of students from different backgrounds and majors with varying experience levels in the field. The program will not only give you the chance to learn about finance in an exciting and fast-paced atmosphere, but it will also allow you to network with other students, both within your class and throughout the city.

To create a strong community at FMDC at Harvard. Therefore, we want to provide opportunities for networking that exist outside of your coursework. Social events will be held, such as dinners and happy hours, to give you a chance to network. 



Every student wants to get admission into the institutions of higher education. These colleges have a colossal reputation and attract many students every year. Therefore, thousands of students also appeared in the entry test of FBISE and got admission to their desired college.

Tauli College is one of these colleges located in Quetta Cantt, Balochistan. It is a private institution and offers many courses to students in different disciplines. The staff members are highly qualified and well trained; they provide quality education to the students. Those who wish to study for their high grades can join Tauli College because this college has provided good education to its students.

The facilities provided by the Tauli College are also excellent. The library contains a vast stock of books and journals that any student can access at any time. There is an adequate number of computers for the use of all students and research work. Labs are available for all engineering subjects like Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Computer, etc. Students have ample opportunities for sports and games too.

This college has branches in different cities, including Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Quetta, etc.

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NUMS is an organization that helps students to achieve their dreams in their future careers. NUMS allows students to achieve the best result and have the best future by encouraging them to study with the right environment, resources, and tutors. NUMS never let a student down and always finish the mission given.

Students have many reasons to join NUMS. NUMS provides tutorials for students to increase their knowledge and improve their grades. The tutorials are held regularly so that students can also discuss with each other about problems and receive feedback from tutors as well as from each other. Besides, some experienced and qualified tutors are invited to give lectures for students interested in learning more about their subjects.

NUMS holds events for new starters to get used to the environment of studying at university. This involves introducing themselves, giving presentations about themselves, and how they will benefit from NUMS services. In addition, they also have fun while they get used to this environment through playing games and interacting with others.



HEC (Higher education commission) Pakistan is a Pakistani organization that has been responsible for providing support to different Universities, Medical, and Technical Institutions of Pakistan. HEC was established in 2002. It is a body that functions under the Ministry of Education.

The headquarters of this commission is located in Islamabad. HEC goes by the mandate that the government has given it. The main goal of its creation was to provide support to different institutions, universities, and technical institutes to enhance their performance and technology level in terms of research studies and education system. Moreover, HEC provides financial aid to these institutions based on their development, promotion, and expansion requirements in different areas, including research work.

HEC aids various educational institutions financially through scholarships, fellowships, grants, awards, and loans. Moreover, it offers financial aid based on recommendations made by different departments and universities through research projects sponsored by this body. This body also provides financial assistance to students for foreign scholarships and provides them with opportunities for higher education abroad.

HEC takes care of admissions and fee structure in all public sector universities, colleges, medical and technical institutions. HEC even monitors the admission process in private sector institutions as well. 


Past Paper 1st Year Karachi Board

 Karachi board is providing Pakistani students with quality education. As Pakistan’s most prominent educational board, the Karachi board is the most critical organization in the country. As a board, Karachi’s primary goal is to give all Pakistani students an equal opportunity to showcase their talents in the educational and professional fields. With the help of Karachi board results and certificates, students can apply to different colleges and universities.

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 Past Paper Matric Karachi Board


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