FMDC stands for Fully-Managed Data Center. It is a development that allows companies like Google, Facebook, and Amazon to make their servers to use them in a data center.

FMDC’s are different from standard servers because they maximize efficiency and minimize cost.

The idea for FMDC was developed by Facebook and based on open-source software called Open Compute Project (OCP). Initially, this project was only available to tech giants, but now the specifications are open to anyone who wants them. Anyone can now use these designs and create their FMDCs.

This program will feature a diverse group of students from different backgrounds and majors with varying experience levels in the field. The program will not only give you the chance to learn about finance in an exciting and fast-paced atmosphere, but it will also allow you to network with other students, both within your class and throughout the city.

To create a strong community at FMDC at Harvard. Therefore, we want to provide opportunities for networking that exist outside of your coursework. Social events will be held, such as dinners and happy hours, to give you a chance to network. 

Are you looking for FMDC Past Papers for getting a better idea how Federal Medical and Dental College makes paper as compared to other entry tests?


The below PDF has the past paper of FMDC 2016 taken by NTS.

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Title: FMDC Past Paper 2016 

Size: 950 KB

Pages: 17

Benefits Of Past Papers

  • FMDC Past Paper will help you to check your weakness and strength in certain areas of your books.
  • You will know the paper difficulty as compared to MDCAT Past Papers and NUMS Past Papers.
  • It will help refining your answering skills.
  • You will have better understanding of paper pattern how many MCQs are taken from the specific section so that you can focus on that section for getting good marks.