HEC (Higher education commission) Pakistan is a Pakistani organization that has been responsible for providing support to different Universities, Medical, and Technical Institutions of Pakistan. HEC was established in 2002. It is a body that functions under the Ministry of Education.

The headquarters of this commission is located in Islamabad. HEC goes by the mandate that the government has given it. The main goal of its creation was to provide support to different institutions, universities, and technical institutes to enhance their performance and technology level in terms of research studies and education system. Moreover, HEC provides financial aid to these institutions based on their development, promotion, and expansion requirements in different areas, including research work.

HEC aids various educational institutions financially through scholarships, fellowships, grants, awards, and loans. Moreover, it offers financial aid based on recommendations made by different departments and universities through research projects sponsored by this body. This body also provides financial assistance to students for foreign scholarships and provides them with opportunities for higher education abroad.

HEC takes care of admissions and fee structure in all public sector universities, colleges, medical and technical institutions. HEC even monitors the admission process in private sector institutions as well.