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Islamiyat is a compulsory subject for the students of bachelor’s program. It is a science that deals with the religion and culture of a Muslim. It is an essential subject for the students because after graduation they will serve in different departments.

They will serve in education department, health department, agriculture department, finance department and other departments. Islamiyat will help them to understand their moral values by practicing it at work place as well as in their daily life.

Islamiyat is the study of Islam from the academic point of view. It is a religious, social, and political history of Islam. It focuses on the main pillars of Islam and its basic beliefs.

Islamiyat is part of the school curriculum in Pakistan for higher secondary level students. We have to complete a two-year course in order to qualify for graduation. In addition to Islamiyat, we also study Ethics, Urdu, English, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology/Computer Science.

Islamiyat is an interesting subject because it is about our religion and our Islamic history. It helps us learn more about our religion and culture.

Islamiyat is the study of the religion and civilization of Islam. It is the systematic study of Muslim society and culture, Islamic civilization, its history and achievements in various fields especially religion.

The word Islamiyat is an Arabic word which means “knowledge of Islam”. The meaning of Islamiyat is that we study about the life and work of our Holy Prophet (S.A.W) and his companions (R.A). We learn about the teachings of Holy Quran, Hadith, Sunnat, Fiqh and Islamic law from the books of Islamiyat in our syllabus. In this way the knowledge about the way of life of Muslims and their religious beliefs may be attained.

 Chapter 1 – Bunyadi Aqaid Notes: (Urdu)

Chapter 1 has the following topics:
  • Tauheed
  • Rasalat
  • Malaiqa
  • Asmani Kitbain
  • Akhrat

Chapter 1 

Content: Short and Long Answers | Solved Exercises | MCQs 

Chapter 2 – Islami Tashks

Chapter 2 has the following topics:
  • Arkan-e-Islam
  • Allah Aur Rasool Ki Mohabbat
  • Haqooq-ul-Albaat
  • Masharti ZimyDariyan

Chapter 2 

Content: Short and Long Answers | Solved Exercises | MCQs 

Chapter 3 – Uswa E Rasool Akram

Chapter 3 has the following topics:
  • Rehmat Ul Alameen
  • Akhuwat
  • Masawaat
  • Sabr
  • Zikr

Chapter 3

Content: Short and Long Answers | Solved Exercises | MCQs 

Chapter 4 – Taruf Quran e Hadees Notes:

This Chapter 4 talks about:
  • Selected Ayaats
  • Taruf Quran
  • Taruh Hadees
  • Selected Hadees

Chapter 4

Content: Short and Long Answers | Solved Exercises | MCQs 

Chapter 1 – Fundamental Beliefs (English)

Chapter 1

Size: 22 MB | Pages: 44

Chapter 2 – The Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) and Glimpses of His Lofty Character (English)

Chapter 2

Size: 14 MB | Pages: 30

Direct Download PDF

Chapter 3 – Distinguished Characteristics of Islam (English)

Chapter 3

Size: 19 MB | Pages: 43

Chapter 4 – Introduction to the Holy Quran and the Ahadith (English)

Chapter 4

Size: 18 MB | Pages: 41

Chapter 5 – Love and Obedience of Allah and the Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) (English)

Chapter 5

Size: 15 MB | Pages: 29

Important Questions

Important Questions

Size: 11 MB | Pages: 26

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