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The Quaid’s dream was that Pakistan should be a modern, progressive and democratic state. He wanted to make it a country where the people of Pakistan could live in peace, harmony and security.
They would be able to enjoy equal rights and opportunities. The Quaid said that the people of Pakistan were free to practice their religion and culture. 
The Government would always remain responsible to the people. It would always listen to the voice of the people and act according to their will.
The Quaid wanted Pakistan to be a sovereign state where no one could interfere in its internal affairs. He wanted all the citizens of Pakistan to work hard in order to build a strong and prosperous country.
He began his political career by joining Indian National Congress in 1906. But soon he left Congress and joined Muslim League because of his different ideological views.
He had a dream to have an independent and separate homeland for Muslims of Subcontinent where they could live according their religious values and Islamic laws.
In 1940, when Quaid gave the historic speech in Minto Park, Lahore which changed the destiny of Muslims of Subcontinent forever.
He said, “I don’t know what the ultimate shape of this constitution will be, but I am sure it will be democratic and embody the essential principles of Islam.”

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