How To Prepare For SSC And HSSC Exams Without Academy, Really!

Preparing for the matric and intermediate exams without an academy seems a nightmare to many students.

But it’s not difficult as you think.

It’s where KIPS, Star, Global and other academies are performing well because they are managing everything properly because they know how to give the right direction to the students at the right time.

It’s all about energy.

Who doesn’t know every student has unlimited energy, but if he doesn’t know where to put the right energy at the right time, then he is less likely to succeed in any stage of life.

But what if you can’t afford to an academy? Perhaps you want to prepare for exams at home? In this article, everything will be explained.

Let’s come to the point.

1. Research

It’s the most fundamental and critical thing an academy does. It has to do research everything that can save the time of the students and teachers.

You have to do the same thing. I don’t generally know which board you belong to. If you belong to Punjab Board, there must be a syllabus scheme that comes in exams.

I did my SSC and HSSC from Federal Board (FBISE), so you can visit for the syllabus.

It will save a lot of time for you because you will not memorize everything especially in Urdu and English that have some specific syllabus for the grammar purpose.

The same goes syllabus scheme for other boards.

Don’t think it is an easy task. I believe it’s one of the tedious tasks because you have to use a lot of resources of your brain to do a job. Spend the whole day or two in checking the syllabus.

I remember, there were a few pages in the whole book of Biology 9th Class that were not the part of the syllabus, I left them all. It saved a lot of time, and I got 74/75. I was really delighted on that day!

2. Goal And System Setting

It’s the most important thing that will make you study. If you don’t have a goal why you’re studying, what is your purpose of studying, what are the reasons that keep you motivated towards your goals, you will waste a lot of energy!

You have to find the reasons why you will study for yourself.

If you’re passionate about becoming a doctor, perhaps you care about the humanity.

You’re becoming a doctor perhaps your friend’s mother died of lack of medical care because your friend didn’t have money.

I am sorry if you mind the above reason. You just have to find the exact big reason to become a doctor without any goal and reason you’re nothing.

The reason must be so big that you can’t waste a lot of time and energy.

You might be thinking what goal and system are? The goal is something you want to become, and the system is how you will achieve it.

For example, your goal is to become a doctor. But how you will become? What will be your process to become a doctor?

Of course, you have to make a schedule; you have to measure your days and nights. You have to write down everything that you do every day.

3. Schedule And Time Management

The biggest strength of an academy is to stick the schedule long enough and hard enough.

They know when to take a test, in how many days this chapter of Chemistry will come to an end.

You have to do the same.

For example, when it comes to KIPS Academies. They cover the syllabus two times. The first syllabus is covered in December, then it starts again in January and is covered before May.

You have to do the same. You have to look at the calendar and make your schedule how you will prepare so that you can cover the syllabus two times a year for each subject. Yes! Each subject!

Also, you have to mange your time well. Make sure, you waste less time on social media. If you waste 3 hours a day, it means you’re wasting 90 hours a month, it means you will waste 5 whole days.

Also, make sure, you have time for everything. It means:

  • Time for family.
  • Time for exercise.
  • Time for study.
  • Time for prayers.
  • Time for friends.
  • Time for social media.

You have to assign time to each thing. You have to set your priorities. For example, you will use only 20 to 30 minutes a day for social media. The same goes for others.

I know it is not Halwa (easy), did I mention to find a strong reason to study?

4. Backup Plan

It doesn’t matter how hard you try, you will face problem in covering the syllabus. That’s where the backup plan comes in handy.

What do you mean, yar?

I mean remove one day from your weekend, and don’t ever count on making the schedule. On the day, you will take the only test and memorize what you didn’t do on the normal days.

Because times come when some time goes waste. Sometimes you go to a park, you go to a market with your friends, and you’re unable to memorize.

You will have only 24 hours to do the job on the backup plan day. Don’t enjoy that day. It would be the toughest day where you will do your best to become the best to cover the syllabus at best.

If you don’t have a free day to memorize the left topics, then your whole schedule will be disturbed.

5. Test Weekly

It’s the biggest mistake a student makes who doesn’t go to the academy. Seriously, you don’t like to take tests, really?

How will you know your weakness and strength? How?

How will you know which things you often forget so that you can focus on that to improve?

How will you know how fast or slow you write so that you can fix the problem to attempt all the questions on time?

It’s the test that makes you the king of the king. It is what an academy does.

They take a lot of tests to evaluate the student. If you want to show the same performance as academy students show, you have to take tests. This thing must be done on the backup plan day.

You have to take tests of all the subjects. Every test may last for an hour or half an hour. If you have 6 subjects, and you give 30 minutes to each subjects, it becomes 3 hours.

You might be thinking how to make a test without a teacher?

I can understand it’s difficult, it is a boring task.

It applies everywhere if you want to achieve something in your life, you have to lose something.

For this, you have to read the past paper and observe everything how the questions are made. Spend the whole day, and assign every question to the chapter so that you may know about that.

Then make as many questions as you want. For example, you have to make 20 questions of each chapter. Now you will use random number generator which question to attempt.

6. Revision And Enhance Speed

Nobody can deny the importance of revision, I believe, without revision, a student can’t ever get great marks.

I know revision is a tedious task and the most boring task. You think what is the point of revision if I have memorized everything. You think God will help you because you have done some hard work. But believe me, it doesn’t work.

You have to revise at any cost. You have to spend an hour or two to revise everything that you have memorized on the same day.

According to many experts, you have to revise the topics that you have memorized today within 24 hours otherwise it will be wiped away from your brain.

You have to revise daily, as well as on the backup plan day that I’ve mentioned above.

To make a quick revision, you can use a highlighter. You can highlight the crucial sentences, words, or formulas.

Also you can just look at the topics with your eye. In order words, this technique is called speed reading. It’s the technique that many experts take a course on it.

That’s why you have heard many times, many people read one book a day. It’s all due to speed reading.

You will observe this attitude in academy students that they are quick decision makers and have great speed in everything from writing fast in the beginning of the paper to solving a question.

If they are told to take a test tomorrow, they don’t show laziness. If it has to be done, then it must be done.

You need to build the same skills in your mind.

7. Solving The Past Papers And Practice

Above I told to observe the past papers to make your test. Also, it’s better to solve the past paper to evaluate your weakness and strength.

You might be thinking what is the point of solving the paper papers if I haven’t memorized the whole book?

The best solution to this problem is to buy a chapter wise past paper guide. You will attempt the paper as if you’re taking the exams.

You will make your weakness a strength with the help of practice. You will give special attention to it. If your speed is slow in Urdu paper, keep practicing until you write fast, and attempt all questions on time.

It must be done once a week so that you can monitor your performance.

8. Don’t Work Hard, But Smart

It’s the best skill that a student gets from great academies. They teach them how you should use your brain that consumes less energy, but gives you more marks.

It is up to you how you use brain. It includes everything that can save your time, and make you more genius.

It may include:

  • Use of a highlighter to look at the difficult sentences and formulas so that you don’t forget and save precious time.
  • To identify the prime time when your study energy is at peak and you can memorize anything in less time. You use your that energy in difficult subjects or for revision to make your day awesome.
  • Writing important formulas of Chemistry, Physics, and Maths on a piece of paper, and look at that when you feel bored on a bus or you have nothing to do.
  • Do 20 minutes exercise every day because it enhances your power of memorizing, and make your day healthy.
  • You perform prayers, give minimum 20 minutes to your family, and other time to make everybody at your home happy. It boosts your creativity and makes your life meaning and study enjoyable.

The list goes on.

9. Urdu Site For Clearing Concepts And Paper Attempting

The biggest hindrance for a student who doesn’t go to an academy is lack of concepts. He thinks an academy teacher can make him a genius, but it is not the case in the modern age.

There are thousands of examples where students can prepare without an academy provided he has the passion and some great reasons to study.

The world has advanced so much, but our generation is stuck at the same point. There are many amazing sites where students can prepare for exams without any fees.

The best site is where every topic is taught in Urdu of every subject. It’s the blessing for the modern students.

The quality of the lectures is outstanding. You also save time because you can focus on the topic more effectively.

There is another site Khan Academy that has some lectures in Urdu, but most are in English.

If you don’t find a lecture on your topic, then use Youtube. It’s the second most search engine in the world.

Also, read these article how to attempt a paper:

10. Feel No Shame In Asking Friends And Teachers

If you want to be successful, you must have to remove the feelings of shame from your mind when it comes to asking a question related to study from your friends and teachers.

Ask to yourself, “Kya Bigar Jye Ga Agr Main Aaj Kya Kis Cheez Ka Test Liya Us Friend Sy Jo KIPS Academy Jata Hai? Kha Jye Ga Kya? Ezjat Kam Ho Jye Gi? Hony Do”*

*What would happen if I ask a friend what he has studied at KIPS? Will he eat me? Will my respect dwindle? Let it go.

You have to build confidence.

11. Persistence. Focus. Motivation.

It’s essential. Because you’re the only one who will fight alone. You will be alone in this war.

Some days you will study with your full potential, other days you will feel nothing.

It’s critical to be persistence. You have to make a strict rule either to live or die for your study.

You have to be the focus on your goals and system. I have better solutions when you feel like you’ve died.

  • Watch videos of Qasim Ali Shah and Sandeep Maheshwari everytime you feel down.
  • Recharge yourself for that you can perform prayers, and pray to God.
  • Tell your best friend, and say him to make you motivated. He will do.
  • Keep an online diary like Penzu or offline, and write your day. You will know how many hours you have wasted. You will write your broken and live memorizes that will help you to keep motivated. Abdullah Humayun who is a medical student at RMC used to do it at F.Sc and still does.

I give you 99% guarantee, if you watch this video from beginning to last, your life will change. It has changed mine too, I hope yours will.