Get Maximum Marks In Federal Board By Attempting Papers (Pictures)

Attempting a paper in Federal Board and Punjab Board is one of the keys to gain more marks. Most students don’t know how to attempt papers effectively and impressively in order to impress a checker and to get better marks. Students just think that we just need to write the correct answers of the questions and nothing else, but it’s not true. Rather, It depends on a lot how you make the look of papers impressive so that the checker can read without any hesitation. It also hints the checker, how much you’re intelligent and how much you have worked hard.

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 You will be amazed to know that all the toppers take this step seriously, that’s why, they top exams. All these tips and pictures were sent by Hamza Siddique who topped Federal Board by getting 1031 marks at the SSC level 2013.

Attempting a paper is just the game to impress the checker. The more you impress the checker, the more chances you will get more marks. 

By the way, you can apply the method in every board in Pakistan – Lahore BoardMultan BoardRawalpindi BoardMardan Board etc. The reason is that it looks amazing to the checker, so it doesn’t depend on what the board you belong. 

The following stuff you need:

  • A large transparent scale.
  • A large transparent scale. You could make a big transparent scale model of the Solar System, with the Sun in a corner and Pluto near the center, and use it to illustrate all sorts of things about orbits.
  • You could use it to show Kepler’s laws, for example; or the precession of Mercury’s perihelion; or why eclipses happen at certain times of year and not others; or how spherical cow planets orbit their spherical cow stars; or what “tidal” forces are; or how to work out the position of an object at some future time if you know its initial position and velocity; or what would happen to Earth’s orbit if the Moon were somehow instantly destroyed.
  • Imagine a large transparent scale, suspended in midair, with weights on both sides and a balance beam in the middle. We have all of the problems we can solve on one hand; on the other side, all of the problems that we cannot solve. When we’re children, this scale is fairly balanced. 
  • We can’t do very much, but neither are our ambitions very high. As adults, the weight on the “problems we can solve” side slowly tips the scales upward: very slowly, in fact. The only time we really see how much things have changed is when we go back and visit our childhood selves.
  • A blue cut marker (It’s better if you have more)
  • A small scale
  • A good blue pale pen
  • A pencil, an eraser and a sharpener.

Now, it’s time how to use the above weapons effectively to win the game:

1. A Large Transparent Scale

Why do you need a large transparent scale? Because you can easily draw a line by seeing through the scale, of course, there will be a minimum chance in making a mistake while drawing the line. In Federal Board, you can only draw a link on the left side only. You have to practice this step at home. Sometimes, you can make a mistake while drawing a line with a cut marker. It’s the most important step to draw the line with a cut marker.

2. A Cut Marker

The use of a cut marker effectively is the most important step, I say it’s the core to get more marks. There are following uses of the cut marker in the exam.

1. To write the important words with the cut marker. For example, dates, definition, unit, some phrase or clause etc.

2. For Heading

3. Draw a short line after writing each  answer.

4. Write the question number.

Write the sentence with the cut marker that you seem it’s important or it’s the sentence that the checker want to check. For example, if the question that why a person moves backward when a bus stops. You will write the answer normally with a cut marker, but when the mean word or a sentence comes then you have to write with the cut marker, it means you will write the phrase “due to the inertia” with the cut marker. Because it’s the phrase the checker wants to check whereas the rest of it is not more important.

3. A Small Scale

A small scale has its own advantage when you complete each answer, you have to draw a small line to tell the checker you’ve completed the answer, no more you will add. It’s important, that’s why, you need the small scale.

4. A Good Pale Pen:
   It’s clear you need a good pale pen. For this purpose, you can try different pale pens which are available in the market. 

5. A pencil, an eraser and a sharpener.

You will draw a diagram with a pencil, if you are an expert to draw a diagram with a cut marker impressively then it’s preferable in order to get more marks.


It has always been a challenge situation to get good marks in English for a student especially if the student belongs to Federal Board aka the toughest board in Pakistan. English subject is one of the hardest subjects in which getting good marks needs a lot of hard work.

You are thinking of how a topper gets 75/75 or 74/75 in English. It seems to you impossible, but it doesn’t. Here are the following reasons:

1. Generally, not a single grammatical mistake is made.
2. He knows when to use “The” (Definite Article) and “An, A” (Indefinite Articles) because making such mistakes reduce the marks.
3. He knows the tenses correctly.
4. He attempts the English papers effectively.
5. The look of its paper coherently shows he has done a lot of hard work.

Try to buy a good guide, there are many guides in the market that have many mistakes. It’s better if you ask your teacher. It’s better if you practice daily. Usually, we don’t pay attention when we prepare for art subjects.

(You can see more samples of papers below)


Why students don’t do proper preparation for an Urdu paper in Federal Board and Punjab Board, have you ever thought? The reason is that they think that Urdu is the easiest subject we can get good marks even we don’t do enough hard work. I presume it’s the biggest mistake which is made by the students. If you think the same then ask two question to yourself. What do you want?

1. Just want to pass?
2. Want to get 80% marks?

The choice is yours. If you want to get 80% or more in the Urdu paper then you need a little bit hard work to make your dream come true. What’s the secret to achieving your dream marks? The secret is you will have to impress the checker. The more you impress, the more you will get good marks. In order to get this goal, you must have the knowledge of attempting an Urdu paper effectively.

1. A good Urdu guide
2. An impressively attempted paper.
3. Practice

A good Urdu guide plays a major role in order to get more marks. Sadly, many guides which are available in the marker are written badly. The answer of many questions is written wrongly. The explanation of many poems is written poorly. I will upload proof in the next article soon. I want to tell you that you need to pick a good guide otherwise a bad guide may ruin your life especially in Federal Board because in the Urdu paper you need to write the answer correctly and coherently. If you look at any Urdu paper of Federal Board, you will see that you have to write the answer in four lines. Most of the time, a short question comes in the paper, but in the guide the answer is written in one line, so if you want to get good marks you need to write the answer in 4 lines minimum. If you don’t get a good answer in the guide then you should write it yours own via helping from Urdu textbook. I know it will take time, but if you do it daily–20 minutes is enough– you can get good marks.

(You can see more samples of papers below)

Science Subjects

Federal Board is the best at giving marks at the SSC level. You can get even full marks by doing a little hard work. If you’re a Biology student, you can easily get 70 marks just by clearing the concepts. The secret of getting great marks in Biology is drawing diagrams as many as you can make, and nothing else. For example, if it’s asked what do you know about Mitochondria? You should write two or three sentences about it and make its simple diagram and label it. You will get 3 marks easily.

The same goes for Physics and Chemistry. Some students think Chemistry is a tough subject because it has a lot of equations to memorize. Its solution is simple that is to revise as much as you can. Now, you’re thinking it will take more time, but honestly it doesn’t. When you memorize an equation, it takes sometimes. When the next day comes, you have forgotten 50%. When you revise the same day, it stores in long-term memory. It’s better to revise today topic tomorrow, the tomorrow topic on the day after tomorrow and so on. It works with all the subjects.

When you reach at the HSSC level, it becomes very difficult to get full marks in science subjects. You need to understand every topic with clear concepts. If you want to get the maximum marks at this level, you need two things.

1. 100% clearl concepts
2. Maximum Ratta as you can

I’m againt Ratta, but it’s the key in getting good marks. If you’re not an expert in Ratta, minimum definitions must not be forgotten.

Get Better Marks Via MCQs

If you want to get good marks, you have to do a little bit hard work in getting full marks in MCQs. If you are able to get full marks in MCQs section, there is a great chance, you will get 70 or more marks.

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