How To Apply For University Of Punjab Admission (Complete Guide)

We have covered the last date of submission and other important details, according to the latest ads for the University of Punjab.

Applying for admission in any university of Pakistan is confusing for most of the students due to unclear instructions, old layout of a site, and unanswered phone calls.

For the same reason, we at TopStudyWorld, try our best to help the students by guiding them through the admission process in the best possible way as we have done a step-by-step guide for HEC Entry Test and NUMS Entry Test.

Most Pakistani students who apply for University of Punjab for different programs for BA, MA, B.Sc, M.Sc, M.Phil and Ph.D, miss their chances because they are not told at the right time, but we don’t want our students to miss the admission date.

Here is the 7 steps to take admission in University of Punjab:

Step 1 – Download The Admission Form Or Visit The University Of Punjab:

Go to the nearest campus of Universality of Punjab. The campuses which are in Lahore are Allama Iqbal Campus and Quaid-i-Azam Campus. Buy the admission form and another separate form if you’re applying for the reserved seats. It will cost you between Rs. 300 to Rs. 500 with the prospectus.


You can download the admission form in PDF, print it if you want to save some money.

Step 2 – Fill The Bio Data

Fill all the detail in block letters, capital letters from the printed copy of the above admission form. Here is how to fill:

Application Form No: You don’t need to write anything here. 

Date of Receipt: It will be filled, so you should not write anything here.

Name: Your name written on your CNIC or on your B-Form.

Father’s Name: Your father name written on his CNIC.

Father’s Occupation: Your father who he works. He can be in Pak Army, Doctor or Teacher.

Father Monthly Income: Ask your father his income. This can help you in getting a scholarship. Those students who can’t afford, scholarships are given. Be authenticate!

Father’s NIC: Your father’s CNIC number.

Gender: It is your gender either you’re Male or Female

Date of Birth: Your date of birth, not your father. They may wish you sometimes 😀

Marital Status: Either you’re single or married.

Permanent Address: It is permanent address where you have been living. It may be your village address written on your father CNIC.

Mail Address: It is the address where some stuff is sent. It will be address if you’re living in a city on a rental basis.

Telephone: If you don’t have a telephone aka PTCL number, you may write your another number or your cell number or your father’s office number.

Mob: Cell number like Jazz, Mobilink, Telenor, Ufone or Zong.

Nationality: If you were born in Pakistan, you are of Pakistani nationality.

NIC: Your NIC or CNIC number. If you are too young to have a CNIC number, you can write the CNIC number from your B-Form.

Religion: Islam if you are a Muslim.

Domicile: It is like a certificate that shows where you live. If you don’t have, you have to go to the court where it will be made in a few days.

E-Mail: Your e-mail address. If you don’t have, you may leave this field.

Blood Group: You can write your blood group, if you don’t know leave it too.

If Father Deceased: If you’re an Orphan, you may write the person who is nourishing you.

Registration Number: Your recent registration if you have done college. It may be your 2nd year registration number that is received from your board.

University: If you’re taking admission in undergraduate programs, it will be your board name. If you did from Federal Board, it will be FBISE.

Step 3 – Fill Academic Record:

Now it is time to fill the academic record what you have done in your matric and intermediate life.

Here is what to fill:

Year: When you passed your matric or O Level

Examing Body: Your Examination Board. It may be Lahore Board, Multan Board, or FBISE.

Roll #: Your roll number of 10th class.

Annual: If you took the Annual recent exam, then write Annual.

Total: Your total marks of matric i.e., 1050

Obtained: The marks you got i.e., 980

Division: If your marks are higher than 60% then it is 1st Division

Subjects: Did you study Science, General Sciene or Arts

Have you ever been removed or expelled from any institution, if yes, give details:

Check NO if you were not dropped from a college or school in case you were Bill Gates. 😀

Have you ever been convicted (Jail), if ues, give details:

I know if you’re reading this, I am sure, you haven’t been in jail for any illegal thing.

Were you ever admitted in any Department of Punjab University, if yesm give details:

It is up to you. If you have studied any other subject in Punjab University, then check YES otherwise NO.
Are you employed? If yes, give details: Do you do a job? If you do, mention that with designation (the rank you are in), organzatiion (the compnay where you work)

Step 4: Attach The Required Documents:

Now you have to attacch the documents that are important to take admission and verify you as a valid student.

Make sure you have these documents when you go for the admission:

  • A certificate of good moral character.
  • It is the certifciate issued by your college where it is written you have good moreal character.
  • An Original Migration Certificate if applicable.
  • Copies of the Examination Passed
    • Your result card where you intermediate marks are written.
  • NOC from the employer (for employees only).
    • If you are doing a job, you have to provide NOC (No Objection Certificate) from the compnay where you are working.
  • A recent passport-size photograph.
    • You have to attach 3 passport size photograhs. One for the normal admission form, and 2 for reseved seats.
  • A Copy of CNIC or Domicile of Applicant.
    • If you have a CNIC, attach it. Otherwise, you have to attach Domicile.
  • A Copy of CNIC of Applicant’s Father / Guardian.
    • Your father’s CNIC copy.
  • Hafiz-e-Quraan Certificate. If applicable.
    • If you have a certifciate, or any other, attach that too if applicable otherwise it is not neceasarry.

Step 5: Fill Undertaking:

Read all the instructions that you have to follow if you get admission. Signaute of the applicant means your signature – the person who is taking admission.

Step 6: Acknowledgement Receipt

It will be filled by the person to whom you will hand over the admission form with all the required documents. But you can fill the black lines which you know i.e., your name, your father name, date when you made this.

Step 7: HandOver To The Respective Department:

There is no online to do online submission, you have to go to the department where you want to take admission. 

Yep, I know it would take a lot of time to find the department as It happened to me. Different people told me different direction, but at last, I found. 

Make sure you have a bike for easy movement accress the university. 

One of the largest universities of Pakistan in term of size. 

You have to give the documents to the department, and make sure, you have submitted everything by asking the person. 

He checks the document upon receicng, and will guide you in case you don’t fill a thing correctly.

FAQ – Frequcinly Asked Questions

Q: What is fees of admission form and other fees for taking admission in University of Punjab?

A: Generally there is no fees provided you download the admission from the website that I menitoned above and print it out. You can get the prospecaus between Rs.200 to 500.

Q: When will merit list be uploaded?

A: Merit list takes a week or two to display on the offical website of UOP.

Q: Can I take admission online without going to university?

A: Unforetenly, University of Punjab doesn’t have such online system. You have to visit the university to get admission.

Q: Will Entry Test be taken?

A: Yes, the Entry Test will be taken for almost all the programs except a few one. For more detail, read this

Q: I have more question, where I an ask?

A: You can comment beloe, our team will respond you as soon as possile, it is what we provide free support on TopStudyWorld. You can call at UOP on the following numbers:

You can dial the following direct numbers of the listed branches:

  • Reception & Information Cell
  • 0092-42-99233132
  • Form Section
  • 0092-42-990161211
  • Regular Admissions @ M.A./M.Sc.
  • 0092-42-99230259
  • Regular Admissions @ B.A./B.Sc. (Hons.)
  • 0092-42-99230259