What Is HEC Entry Test And How To Apply For It (Complete Guide)

HEC Entry Test is the country’s first government testing body established by Higher Education Commission (HEC) viz. Education Testing Council (ETC) will hold standardized tests for admission to universities from fall 2017. The ETC aims at instituting uniform, accessible, competitive assessment base for admissions to Higher Education Institutions as part of the Government strategy of people first and equitable development. The test will be free of cost for all students interested in taking admissions in public and private sector universities. The test will be valid for two years.

In other words, it’s the HEC Entry Test for undergraduate programs for taking admission to different universities of Pakistan. HEC Entry Test is also known as ETC Entry Test.


But keep in mind:

HEC will only take the Entry Test, but the selection will be done by the university. Every university will have its own criteria.

This test will be valid for the following universities:

  1. Mirpur University of Science and Technology (MUST), Mirpur
  2. National Textile University (NTU), Faisalabad
  3. Govt. College Women University (GCWUF), Faisalabad
  4. Gomal University, D.I.Khan
  5. Balochistan University of Engineering and Technology, Khuzdar
  6. Karakoram International University (KIU), Gilgit
  7. Muhammad Nawaz Sharif University of Engineering and Technology (MNS UET), Multan
  8. The University of Agriculture, Peshawar
  9. The University of Poonch, Rawalakot
  10. Ghazi University, Dera Ghazi Khan
  11. Islamia College, Peshawar (ICP)
  12. NED University of Engineering Technology (NED UET), Karachi
  13. Institute of Space Technology (IST), Islamabad
  14. University of Management Sciences Information Technology, Kotli
  15. Dawood University of Engineering and Technology, Karachi
  16. Fatima Jinnah Women University (FJWU), Rawalpindi
  17. Kinnaird College for Women, Lahore
  18. Abbottabad University of Science and Technology (AUST), Abbottabad
  19. Institute of Management Sciences, (IM Sciences), Peshawar
  20. Shah Abdul Latif University, Khairpur
  21. Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto Medical University, Islamabad
  22. University of Sindh, Jamshoro
  23. National University of Modern Languages (NUML), Islamabad
  24. Institute of Industrial Electronics Engineering (IIEE), Karachi
  25. University of Balochistan, Quetta
  26. COMSATS Institute of Information Technology, Islamabad
  27. University of Science and Technology, Bannu
  28. Muhammad Nawaz Shareef University of Agriculture Multan
  29. Shaheed Benazir Bhutto University, Sheringal
  30. The University of Azad Jammu and Kashmir
  31. Private Sector Universities
  32. Muslim Youth University (MY), Islamabad
  33. University of South Asia (USA), Lahore
  34. University of Central Punjab (UCP), Lahore
  35. Hajvery University (HU), Lahore
  36. Hajvery University (HU), Sheikhupura
  37. National University of Computer Emerging Sciences (FAST), Chiniot Faisalabad
  38. National University of Computer Emerging Sciences (FAST), Islamabad
  39. National University of Computer  Emerging Sciences (FAST), Karachi
  40. National University of Computer  Emerging Sciences (FAST), Lahore
  41. National University of Computer Emerging Sciences (FAST), Peshawar
  42. Foundation University, Islamabad
  43. DHA Suffa University, Karachi
  44. Greenwich University, Karachi
  45. Muhammad Ali Jinnah University, Karachi
  46. Ziauddin University Karachi
  47. National College Of Business Administration And Economics, Lahore
  48. Capital University of Science & Technology (CUST), Islamabad
  49. ILMA University Karachi

Who Can Apply For The Test?

• Students with 12 years of schooling (HSSC) or equivalent

• Students awaiting results for 12th year

What Are The Test Categories?

i. HAT- UG-E (12 years/ equal Education in Pre-Engineering Group)

ii. HAT- UG-M (12 years/ equal Education in Pre-Medical Group)

iii. HAT- UG-A (12 years/ equal Education in Arts/ Humanities/ Social Sciences Group)

iv. HAT- UG-CS (12 years/ equal Education in Computer Science Group)

v. HAT- UG-GS (12 years/ equal Education in General Science Group)

vi. HAT- UG-I.COM (12 years/ equal Education in I.Com Group)

What Are The Test Centers For HEC Entry Tests?

Applicants may select any test centre from the list available on HEC website; however, for their own convenience, they are advised to choose a test centre nearest to their residence/district of domicile. 

What Is The Test Date?

  • Date of Test will be announced in national newspapers and on HEC website: www.hec.gov.pk
  • SMS will be sent to all registered students for the test date, time and venue.
  • The test applies to the specific Private and Public Sector Universities. Names of the Universities are available on HEC website.

What Is The Deadline Or The Last Date For HEC Entry Test?

The last date for online registration is Wednesday, July 17, 2017. (Updated)

How To Get Free Help From HEC If I  Need?

If you are stuck at any stage, and you have any questions, you can call HEC on the following numbers:

1. 051-111-119-432,

2. 0334-111-9432

How To Apply (Register) For HEC Entry Test (Step By Step Guide)

Step 1:

Go to E-Portal HEC, you will see the below interface. Just click on Register because you’re are not a member, you need to have an account on it.

Step 2:

Then you have to complete the information with your nationality, CNIC, Region, password, phone number.


Don’t have a CNIC? Don’t worry, you can use your B-Form where CNIC number is written.

The same goes for the email address that you need to provide the correct one, and then the code will be sent to your email

Keep in mind, you should write correct phone number where a code will be sent that you have to write.


When you write your phone number, and a code is sent, please write the code below the Verification Box, and click on VERIFY NUMBER.

Similarly, when the code will be sent to your email address, you have to write into the box and click (touch) on VERIFY EMAIL. Otherwise, it will not work.

Step 3:

After this, you will receive this email from HEC.

In this email, you will get USER ID

Once you get it, go to  E-Portal, and sign in with the USER ID that you received in your email and the password that you entered while filling the form.

Step 4:

Now go to My Profile, and complete the information of Personal DetailContact, and Education. You don’t need to complete the information for other things like Publications etc.

In this picture, I’ve completed the Personal Detail. You have to complete from top to bottom.

Now click Next displayed at the bottom.

Step 5:

Now click Contact, and complete it. Your permanent address may be your village address where you live forever. Mailing address and the current address may be the same. Mail address is the address where documents are sent via TCS.

Now click Next. Displayed at the bottom.


When you write yourself the detail, it gives an invalid value, wait for the results, then select from the options.

Step 6:

Here is the most important things are to be written by you, and it is the tricky part – Education Section.

Click on “Click to Add”

Note: I have written my SSC and HSSC info that is why it is showing the detail below. You have to complete, after that, you will see the same.

If you don’t know when you started your school, the exact date is not that important. Nor the day is important when you leave the school or college. Complete the form.

It is the form for SSC. You have to write your SSC details. Write your registration number (or roll number).

Once you have completed the form, click on Add to List

Step 7:

Now you have to fill the form for HSSC, so again click on Click to Add

And complete information for HSSC.


If your 2nd-year result is not announced, fill it with your 1st-year marks. Total marks of your 1st year and the marks you have got in the 1st year, registration number etc. will be the same.

Now click Add to List

Step 8: (Last Step)

Click on ETC Entry Test then Apply for Entry Test. 

And fill the following information. Test Name is Entry Test Fall 2017. 

Test Type will be if:

i. HAT- UG-E (12 years/ equal Education in Pre-Engineering Group)

ii. HAT- UG-M (12 years/ equal Education in Pre-Medical Group)

iii. HAT- UG-A (12 years/ equal Education in Arts/ Humanities/ Social Sciences Group)

iv. HAT- UG-CS (12 years/ equal Education in Computer Science Group)

v. HAT- UG-GS (12 years/ equal Education in General Science Group)

vi. HAT- UG-I.COM (12 years/ equal Education in I.Com Group)

Write your preferred city, and click on Apply for Test.

Congratulations, now you’re good to go. 

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