By Rubab Ali

If you want to study abroad and plan to look for HUNGARY, then we are here to provide you every possible detail.

First, you need to know that there are currently 28,000 International Students in Hungary acquiring education as well as having jobs.

Read below on how to Study Abroad in Hungary for Pakistani Students!

1. Introduction to Hungary

Hungary is a European country that has flexible visa policies for its International Students. It is 4 hours behind Pakistan. The National language of Hungary is Hungarian. You can notice 3 main religions in Hungary i.e. Roman Catholic, Catholicism, and Calvinism. But no extremist activities are observed in Hungary for other religions.

You must know that the work rule for International Students is 24 hours per week and students get paid 2 Euros for 1 hour of work as Students Wage Rate.

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Hungary attracts its tourists to the World’s most beautiful Capital, i.e., Budapest. Other Destinations to attract tourists are Lake Heviz which is the world’s largest lake, Lake Bolton, and Hortobagy park, etc. More than 10 largest parks and 200 types of flowers and fragrances make Hungary an eye-catcher.

2. Why Study in Hungary?

Hungary is one of the oldest sources of education and knowledge as there are more than 600 years old universities in Hungary that provide Higher Education. There are 67 colleges or Universities in Hungary and the oldest of them was established in 1367.

3. What is the Educational Process in Hungary?

Europe’s Combined Higher Education process called ‘Bologna Process’ is used in Hungary’s educational institutes. It is a research-based program in which students improve their analytical and professional skills.

Hungarian Education system is divided into 3 cycles called ‘THE THREE- CYCLE SYSTEM’.

1) BACHELOR’S DEGREE (FIRST CYCLE):- Its duration is 3 to 4 years and this degree consists of 6 to 8 semesters in which there are 180 to 240 ECTS credit points.

2) MASTER’S DEGREE (SECOND CYCLE):- Its duration is 1 to 2 years and this degree consists of 2 to 4 semesters in which there are 60 to 120 credit points.

3) Ph.D./ DOCTORAL LEVEL DEGREE (THIRD CYCLE):-  Doctoral programs in Hungary have more importance and value as compared to Ph.D. Doctoral programs are research-based whereas Ph.D. programs take 4 years to complete.

3. Academic Year Schedule System in Hungary:

Hungary offers two intakes i.e. in Autumn and in Spring.

In Autumn intake, the registration for courses ends around 15 September and new classes start from 16 September. The semester ends on 15 December and Exams start from 16 December to 31st January. You can get the exact date sheet from the desired University.

In Spring intake, the registration for courses ends around 15 February and new classes start from 16 February. The semester ends on 15 May and Exams start from 16 May to 31st June. You can get the exact datasheet from the desired University.

4. Estimated University Fee in Hungary:

The fee varies for every institute and program. However, medical degrees are a bit costly as they can charge up to the US $ 16,900 per year. Normally, other programs cost up to the US $ 5500. Detailed information about fee structure is provided in the online prospectus of every University.

5. Living Expenses in Hungary:

The living expenses are not too high in Hungary. Including a student’s accommodation, traveling, food and entertainment, it costs around the US $ 600- 850 per month which is very economical as compared to other European countries.

However, Budapest is the most populated city and also the capital of Hungary can prove to be a bit expensive. The accommodation rent can start from the US $ 340 per month.

6. Language Requirements in Hungary:

Like many other countries, proving English Proficiency Certificate is essential and mandatory for Pakistani Students i.e. IELTS or TOEFL.

For Bachelor’s Degree 5 to 6 bands 60 – 80 scores
For Master’s Degree 5.5 to 6.5 bands 70 – 90 scores

7. Working Opportunities in Hungary:

Students are allowed to work Part-time for 24 hours per week. The wage per hour is 2 Euros. Students can even start their own businesses to support their financial needs and become practical.

8. Academic Requirements for Admission in Hungary:

You should have a minimum of 75% passing marks in all your previous academic records to apply.

You can directly apply for admission at the official website of your desired university in Hungary or you can go to a consultant, pay a fee, and get your work done.

You have to clear the below English proficiency tests depending upon the university you are applying to and have the necessary documentation to prove it:



9. What Are the Documents Required for Applying in Hungry?

Make sure you provide the accurate documents and copies of:

1) Proof of IELTS/ TOEFL

2) Secondary School Leaving Certificate/ Intermediate Certificate

3) 1-year University Education

Students can take admission in Bachelors’ programs.

Or for a Master’s Degree, they need to have a Bachelors’s degree.

10. Study Visa Application for Hungary:

To apply for a visa, you must have

1) a bank statement is required as financial proof that supports your air ticket, academic fee, accommodation, food, and travel expenses.

2) Bank receipt of a transfer of tuition fee

3) Acceptance letter

4) other required documents for visa 

Visa is granted till the date of your study completion. It also allows you to live in Hungary and visit other cities/ states too. 

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Hungary embassy asks for all the necessary documents and a University confirmation letter for approval of visa.

The process of acceptance of a study visa takes about 60 days.

11. Scholarships for Hungary:

Several scholarships are awarded in Hungarian institutes. You can look at each category while applying for the particular University.

12. Residence Permit in Hungary for Pakistani Students:

If you want to settle permanently in Hungary after your graduation, you can apply for National Residence Permit. We assure you that the process is not complexed but it is beneficial for those students also who find a job during their tenure of studies or start their own business.

Once you get your NRP National Residence Permit, you enjoy the same privileges as a native Hungarian. Hungary is one of the European countries which have a simple and easy visa policy as well as a citizenship policy that allows citizenship if your criminal record is clear after 8 years of your stay in Hungary.

NRP also permits spouse, child, or parents of the Residence Permit holder to live in Hungary.

13. Currency in Hungary:

Hungary’s currency is called ‘Forint’ which has a lower exchange rate than the Pakistani Rupee.

The currency coins issued in Hungary are 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, and 200 Forints whereas Currency notes issued in Hungary are 500, 1000, 2000, 5000, and 10,000 Forints.

The good news for Pakistani Students is that they can open their bank accounts in Hungary as well. The bank account is for non-residential foreigners for which they need to provide the following things:-

1) Passport

Students can open the Forint Bank Account or Currency Bank Account.

1 Forint = 0.50 PKR

2 Forints = 1 PKR

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