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Contributed by: Musuffa Shahzad

Are you looking for the 10th Class Islamiyat Notes for the Federal Board?

You have come to the right place.

Islamiyat is a school of subject where no matter how much Pro writing you may adopt in your creativity you must have an authentic source for correct guidance and literal understanding.

So, that it can lead your knowledge in Islamiyat to meet the standard of devout and pious knowledge of Islam after revealing the context and giving you a perfect outline.

In this case if you are in search of such a guide which should always save your time for your exam and is portable anywhere anytime, you can get it in the “TopStudy World” in the best way out. 

It always offers you primitive material as it understands the comprehensive, dynamic, and beautiful codes of the book of Islamic studies and is interested in maintaining its tenure for the goodness of its seekers.

Notes for each and every Chapter, surah, and tarjuma of Class 10th of the Islamiyat Book of the Federal Board are aligned with precision to please our consumers' requirement for ease.

Because Team TOPStudy World really understands the need for authenticity and precision when it comes to the matter of Islamic studies. 

The best part that you will be revealed with, on our page IS!

You can download as well as you can view the notes without downloading.

Means in both the cases you are with the sufficient internet supply or not, TOPStudy World will always lend a supportive hand.

Islamiat is the most important subject in any student life. The students are forced to study and understand the basic concepts of Islamiat at the very early age of their life. There are many reasons which instigate a student to learn and understand this subject in a better manner. 

They should know about different topics like Holy Quran, Hadith and Sunnah. In some schools, students are impressed by giving them attractive prizes like medals or trophies for best performance in Islamiat exams. Students also prefer to study this subject on their own because it is related to God and his followers.

Many books have been written by Islamic scholars in order to help students in understanding various aspects of religion from different angles. Many people do not find it interesting because they consider this subject only for Muslims and not for non-Muslims who follow other religions such as Hindus or Christians etcetera…

 Despite this, all of these religions are based on same principles - love one another unconditionally (even your enemies) without any discrimination... If anyone violates this principle then he/she should be punished accordingly according to law but still with compassion so that person learns lesson not repeat crime again...

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Chapter 1 - Taharat or Jismani sifai

This Chapter 1 notes have:
  • Quran o hadees ki roshni main tahrat o sifai pay note likhain
  • Gusl ka masnoon tareeka
  • Taharat k faiday
  • Much more!
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Chapter 2 - Sabr o shukar or hmari infradi zindgi

This Chapter 2 notes have:
  • Islami taleemat main sabr ki tageeb q di gai
  • Quran o sunnat main sukar ki ahmiyat kia hay
  • Sukar k lagvi meni kia hain
  • Much More!
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Chapter 3 - Aili Zindgi ki Ahmiyat

This Chapter 3 notes have:
  • Aili zingi say kia murad hay
  • Khandani nizam pay note likhain
  • Zojain k ek dosray pay haqooq
  • Much More!
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Chapter 4- Hijrat o Jihad 

This Chapter 4 notes have:
  • Hijrat say kia murad hay? Surah Nisah main kia hukm aya hay
  • Hijrat karny walon ko Surah Nehl main kia bashartain di gai hain
  • Jihad say kia murad hay
  • Much More!
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Chapter 5- Haqooq ul Ebas k Mutaliq Nabi Kareem k Irshaad

This Chapter 5 notes have:
  • Haqooq ul Ebad ki fehrst bnain
  • Khutba Hajj tul wida ki roshni main Aurton k haqooq
  • Insani masawaat pay note likhain
  • Much more

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Chapter 6- Alhadees

This Chapter 6 notes have:
  • Hadess 1 Namaz deen ka stoon hai
  • Hadees 2 Jumma k din jab tum nay apny sathi say kaha
  • Hadees 3 Jo skhas jumma k din logon ki gardnain 
  • Much More
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Chapter 7- Surah Al-Ahzaab Part 1

This Chapter 7 notes have:
  • Ahzaab k meni kia hain
  • Gazwa Ahzaab kab pesh aya
  • Gazwa Ahzaab ka dosra naam
  • Much More
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Chapter 8- Surah Ahzaab Part 2

This Chapter 8 notes have:
  • Surah k shuru main Nabi Kareem S.A.W k liye kia ahkaam hain
  • Surah Ahzaab main mun boly bety k liye kia hukm hay
  • Ayat ka tarjma
  • Much more
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Chapter 9- Surah Ahzaab Part 3

This Chapter 9 notes have:
  • Gazwa Ahzaab main muslmano ko fatah kaisay hoi
  • Gazwa Ahzaab k doran muslmano or kafron k kia haal tha
  • Jihad main rkawat dalny walon k liye kia hukm hain
  • Much more
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Chapter 10- Surah Ahzaab Part 4

This Chapter 10 notes have:
  • Lqad kan lakum fee Rasullulah
  • Faminhum mann qaza nahbahoo
  • Shaeedon k bara main biyan krain
  • Much more
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Chapter 11- Surah Ahzaab Part 5

This Chapter 11 notes have:
  • Azwaaj e Nabi S.A.W ko Allah nay kia hkm dia
  • Arbi abaarat ka mafhoom biyan krain
  • Or apnay ghar main thehri raho
  • Much more
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Chapter 12- Surah Ahzaab Part 6

This Chapter 12 notes have:
  • Surah Ahzaab main muslmano k kia osaaf biyan huwe
  • Ehl e emaan ka tarz e amal kaisa hona chye
  • Hazrat Zaid R.A k bara main ahkmaat biyan krain
  • Much more
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Chapter 13- Surah Ahzaab Part 7

This Chapter 13 notes have:
  • Surah Ahzaab main ap Nabi e Kareem ka kia mansb biyan huwa hay
  • Talaaq k bara main note likhain
  • Nikah k bara main khsoosi zwabit biyan krain
  • Much more
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Chapter 14- Surah Ahzaab Part 8

This Chapter 14 notes have:
  • Ehl e emaan ko Rasullulah k ghar k bara main kia hukm dia
  • Rasool e Akram S.A.W k ghar khan py any walon k liye kia hukm hay
  • Nabi e Kareem pay drood ki kia ahmiyat hay
  • Much more
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Chapter 15-Al Mumtahina Part 1

This Chapter 15 notes have:
  • Muslmaan aurton ko parday k bara main kia hukm dia
  • Munafqeen e Madina ko kia tanbeeh ki gai
  • Qiyamat k mutalliq kia farmaya gia
  • Much more
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Chapter 16-Al Mumtahina Part 2

This Chapter 16 notes have:
  • Ehl e emaan ko Hazrat Musa A.S ki kia misaal di gi
  • Ayat ka mafhoom biyan krain
  • Much more
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Chapter 17-Al Mumtahena Part 3

This Chapter 17 notes have:
  • Surah Mumtahena makki hay ya Madni
  • Surah Mumtahina kis zmany main nazil hoi
  • Surah Mumtahina k kitnay ruku or ayat hain
  • Much more
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Chapter 18-Al Mumtahena Part 4

This Chapter 18 notes have:
  • Ehle emaan ka kafron k sath kia rwayya hona chiye
  • Allah nay muslmano ko q dushmno ko razdaar na bnany ka hukm dia
  • Jb kafir muslmano pay fatah paa lety hain tu kia karty hain
  • Much more
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Chapter 19-Al Mumtahena Part 5

This Chapter 19 notes have:
  • Allah talah nay kis tarha k kafron say adal o ehsan ka hukm dia
  • Allah talah nay hijrat kr k any wali aurton k bara main kia hukm dia
  • Muman aurton ko kis bat pay bait leny ka hukm dia
  • Much more
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Top Study World: 10th Class Islamiat Notes for FBISE (Free PDF Download)
10th Class Islamiat Notes for FBISE (Free PDF Download)
Download PDFs of 10th Class Islamiyat Notes for FBISE and Punjab Board. You can print them as well.
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