If you’re looking for NUMS Syllabus 2019 along with English Vocabulary on the internet, then you have come to the right place.

You know that if the syllabus doesn’t change, the test is taken from the previous syllabus. It means NUMS Syllabus 2017 is the ultimate syllabus for 2019.

This syllabus has the information for Chemistry, Physics, Biology and English subjects. You can download or you can view online.

Attention: NUMS has denied it has syllabus for the current year. I have been following NUMS since 2016, it was the time when they uploaded the syllabus themselves. I have a proof, you can check in Way Back Machine that stores the saved copy of all the internet websites for the future evidence. Link: Proof. It is up to you either you prepare from the syllabus mentioned below or not.

You know that the Entry Test will be conducted through NTS on 27th August 2018. NUMS has the last date of submission to 31 July 2018. (The date is not final)

How to Apply for NUMS?

There are two ways:
1. The first way is to visit the NTS site and download the form. Now the form is not available, once it is available, we will upload here. Because the test will be taken by NTS, all the responsibilities are of NTS. Entry Test Application Form, Entry Test Fee Deposit Slip, and Relevant Details will be on the NTS official website very soon.

2. Application forms can also be obtained from Admission Office NUMS and affiliated colleges/institutes on any working day from 9 AM to 3 PM.

Don’t Worry! We will upload a step by step guide how to apply for NUMS as the admission form is live on the NTS site. Keep visiting TopStudyWorld.

You know that NUMS includes the following institutes:

1. Army Medical College, Rawalpindi
2. CMH Lahore Medical College
3. CMH Multan Institute of Medical Sciences
4. Quetta Institute of Medical Sciences
5. Wah Medical College

It means you have a golden chance to prove yourself in order to get admission any of these institutes. It would be the best if you download the syllabus and memorize it as if you’re the author.

If you look at the syllabus, everything has been explained which topics you have to prepare for the test, and how many MCQs will be taken from a topic.

For example, 2 MCQs will be taken from the chapter of Atomic Structure.

Similarly, 8 MCQs will be taken from Cell Biology. As well as topics and sub-topics are also explained.

It really makes the concepts and topics easy to grasp. You have not to memorize all the books rather only the particular topics.

PDF Download | NUMS Syllabus 2019

If you want to download the NUMS Syllabus, click the below image!

NUMS Syallus 2016 PDF Download

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