The NUMS Past Paper 2023 (PDF Download) With Answer Key is a valuable resource for students who are preparing for the NUMS Entry Test. The paper contains all of the past papers from the previous year, with the answer key, so students can practice answering questions in the same format as the actual test. This is a great way to assess your strengths and weaknesses, and to identify areas where you need to improve. The paper is also divided into subject-wise sections, so you can focus on the subjects that you find most challenging.

A lot of Pakistani students are looking for the past paper of NUMS, but they are unable to find. A year ago, the same students demanded NUMS Syllabus.

We at Top Study World try our best to provide the students with some reliable materials that can help them in getting high marks because their success in actually our success too.

So we have assembled the past papers for NUMS entry test for you all. 

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The file not only provides the past paper, but it has the answer key so that you don’t need to find the answers on the internet. Save your time. It’s the most valuable asset for a student.

Good thing is you can download the PDF at high speed, or you can view online without downloading a single thing. Whatever works for you.


  • First and foremost, these papers will help you get familiarized with the scoring pattern and layout of a test a bit different from MDCAT.
  • You will have an idea how questions are made and what the difficulty level is as compared to MDCAT. This is helpful because normally, students are only focused on MDCAT and take it as a standard.
  • You can check yourself where you stand after a lot of preparation. You will have a better understanding of your weaknesses and strengths. For example, you will come to know you’re taking a lot of time to fill the MCQs. And so, you can pratise more on your time management.
  • You will come to know on which topics you’re weak. Perhaps, you are weak in Chemistry or Physics. After knowing, you can focus on your weak areas and improve them.
  • It will help you revise the topics in the period of 3 hours. Your brain will be working faster than a super computer, you will come to know much time. Further and forgotten pieces of memories of formulas that you can improve.
  • It will reduce your anxiety level because now you know the pattern and difficulty level. You will be less likely to worry as compared to those students who haven’t seen the past paper.


Share it with your friends and other class mates so that they can thank you.


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Our goal at Nums University is to provide our students with a quality education to help them become great leaders and innovators in tomorrow’s world.

Enough of convincing now. We don’t want to waste your time further. You can download the PDF directly here at high speed:

NUMS Past Paper 2016 PDF Link

Pages: 21

Size: 3 MB

Title: NUMS Past Paper

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The answers of some MCQs in the answer key are incorrect.Since it is official key so, we haven’t changed the answers. However, I have mentioned below some of those MCQs.So, you can be careful with them.

Q. 5,7,8, 14

There may be more questions having incorrect answer mentioned in the answer key. Be careful while reading it.

With that, best of luck with the test. Remember, practice is always the key to finding success at every doorstep in life. And that sums up the necessity of this article.

With that, best of luck with the test. Remember, practice is always the key to finding success at every doorstep in life. And that sums up the necessity of this article.

A possible rephrased and rewritten version of the text in 50 words is:

To study MBBS or BDS in NUMS-affiliated colleges, students must take the NUMS Entry Test and PMC MDCAT exam. These colleges include Army Medical Colleges, CMH Lahore, CMH Multan, and others. The NUMS Entry Test evaluates the aptitude of students for medical and dental courses.

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