Study Abroad in Switzerland for Pakistani Students

Switzerland is a popular destination for international students, with many renowned universities and institutions offering a wide range of academic programs. Some of the top universities in Switzerland include ETH Zurich, University of Zurich, University of Geneva, EPFL Lausanne, University of Lausanne, and University of Basel.

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If a Pakistani wants to study in Switzerland, it can be a turning point for them and they can be easily successful in the future since the country is not just gorgeous but with great educational institutes too.

Study Abroad In Switzerland For Pakistani Student

  • Universities of Switzerland are known to have an excellent reputation in the subcontinent, but there are some of the most famous ones which are popular with their academic excellence but only a few like the University of Geneva, University of Basel, ETH Zurich, and Franklin University which are known outside of the region.
  • The study cost in Switzerland for a Pakistani is cheaper than most of the countries but living and accommodation can be expensive. You can always find cheaper rates though. 
  • The universities which offer free tuition to foreign students are either French or German-speaking. Although there are English-taught courses available one has to do all the research beforehand. 

Best University In Switzerland For Pakistani Students

In the top-ranked universities, almost 7 Swiss universities are featured out of 200 in World Rankings.

Switzerland undergoes some serious academic progress which leads it to become the home of some well known higher education systems and top universities in Europe for doing masters. 

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Here is a list of some famous well-reputed Swiss Universities:

  • University of Neuchâtel
  • University of Bern
  • ETH Zurich
  • Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne
  • University of Geneva
  • University of St. Gallen
  • University of Lausanne
  • University of Basel

Visa Requirements For Study In Switzerland

If you are planning to study in Switzerland as an international student, you will typically need to obtain a student visa. Here are the general requirements for obtaining a student visa in Switzerland:

  1. Enrollment in a Swiss educational institution: You must have an admission letter from a recognized Swiss educational institution to apply for a student visa.
  2. Sufficient funds: You must show that you have enough financial resources to cover your living expenses and tuition fees in Switzerland. The amount required varies depending on the canton and the duration of your stay.
  3. Health insurance: You must have health insurance coverage during your stay in Switzerland.
  4. Accommodation: You must have a place to live during your stay in Switzerland. This can be either in university accommodation or in private accommodation.
  5. Language proficiency: Depending on the language of instruction at the institution you will be attending, you may be required to demonstrate proficiency in either German, French, or Italian.

Tuition Fee For Universities In Switzerland For International Students

Both public and private universities in Switzerland have an affordable tuition fee which is the same for European and non-European students.

The tuition fee for Switzerland universities are as follows:

  • Undergraduate and graduate program – 1,600 EUR per year
  • Ph.D. program – 200 EUR per year

Jobs Prospects For Pakistani Students In Switzerland

Pakistani students who live in Switzerland can enjoy the flexibility of jobs and can work during their studies. A foreign student can earn approximately 20 to 26 CHF per hour which can cover all their expenses including living and basic necessities too.

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There are a few countries that allow international students to work side by side along with their degree programs and luckily, Switzerland is one of them.

Work Permit After Study In Switzerland For Pakistani Students

Once you are done with your study program, you are allowed to stay in the country for about 6 months and meanwhile, if you find any employment, you can accept that offer and start to work. With your employment contract, you can apply for a work permit before your student visa expires to be on the safe side. 

Benefits Of Studying Abroad In Switzerland

  • Switzerland is a very safe country. This ensures that any foreigner or even a Pakistani who goes there for studying or even a different purpose can live an easy yet calm life because of no hate or racism. Since Switzerland is such a beautiful place, it serves as an ideal place to study with no big issues what so ever. 
  • Whilst you are a student in any of the programs in Switzerland Universities, you can be offered many internships. These internships can help you gain experience and exposure thus, enhancing your career opportunities in the future. Internships like these can be either paid and can be of all types.

As mentioned earlier that International students can work side by side with their studies so there is no fixed number of internships that they can take. They can do as many internships as they want to be provided that they remain focused on their studies, as well. 

  • The quality of Education in Switzerland universities plays a major contributing factor in attracting foreigners to come to Switzerland for higher education. Almost 4 Universities in Switzerland have been featured in the top 100 Universities of the world. This factor let alone can bring a vast number of career opportunities for Pakistanis students when they step into the practical field of life. 

This helps in introducing a global outlook in the student which further helps students to move to Switzerland from different places around the globe.

  • A great thing for Pakistani students is that they can study in Switzerland without IELTS.
  • There are some huge discounts on traveling for International students. These can include night travels, transportation costs, etc. Discounts can be up to 50% which is so feasible for students.
  • There is an easy accommodation system in Switzerland. You can either find accommodation on campus or even off-campus and if you plan on moving out of your campus dormitories, you can avail yourself of a student discount. 
  • There is constant innovation going on in the education institutes. Not only in the universities but both in the public and private sector. This research is being done under the supervision of universities. 

In recent years, Switzerland has proven to offer competition to other countries with the response to innovation and technology in various fields. Chemical, engineering, and pharmaceutical companies have greatly flourished in Switzerland and are known to have great importance around the globe!

  • For a Pakistani student, career opportunities automatically tend to increase once you have attained your degree from Switzerland. 
  • The country is filled with generous, efficient, and most effective people. This helps you to ensure that you may feel at home and not get homesick. 
  • Surely, Switzerland is a great place to be where “dreams do come true”.