Admission Criteria For NUST: Everything You Need To Know

By Aleena Hussain

Do you have your eye set on NUST?

Want admission to this top institute of Pakistan?

We have covered the general Admission Criteria for NUST that you need to keep in mind before applying!

NUST is a public research university that emphasizes the education of Technology and Science.

It is administered by the Pakistan Armed Forces. Established in 1991, NUST has campuses in Islamabad (main campus), Rawalpindi, Risalpur, and Karachi.

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Time and again NUST has been ranked among the top academic institutes of Pakistan by the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan (HEC). It has a high employability rate and great learning opportunities.

1. Admission At NUST

There are two main ways you can get admission at NUST:

  1. By attaining the university admission on the basis of merit
    1. You can do this by applying during the time of open admissions and attempting the NET or SAT-II
  2. By joining the Pakistan Force (Army/Navy) as an engineering cadet usually after Intermediate examination

2. NUST Entry Test (NET)

You need to register at for the NET.

NET can be given 3 times a year. This increases your chances of scoring high and improving your previous score to gain admission at NUST:

  • NET 1:

Registration opens in February and March

  • NET 2:

Registration happens in April

  • NET 3:

Registration occurs in June and July

3. NET Test Pattern

There are a total of 200 MCQs which you have to solve in 180 minutes.

An example pattern of NET for the Engineering program is given below:

  • Mathematics (80 MCQs – 40% marks)
  • Physics (60 MCQs – 30% marks)
  • Chemistry (30 MCQs – 15% marks)
  • English (20 MCQs – 10% marks)
  • Intelligence (10 MCQs – 5% marks)

Merit Calculation For NUST Admission:

  • NET weighs 75%
  • HSSC/A level/DAE weighs 10%
  • Matric/O-Level weighs 5%

4. SAT Tests For NUST

Lots of people usually avoid the SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) tests for NUST as

  • The number of seats is limited on this basis
  • You need to score next to perfect marks on SAT exams as the competition is quite tough

Although if you are determined enough, you can score high and get admission!

Admission in Business programs require SAT-I while admission in Engineering programs require SAT-II in the subjects of

  • Maths
  • Chemistry
  • Physics

5. Eligibility Criteria For NUST

Below are the general eligibility criteria for NUST as it varies for different degree programs. You can look up the eligibility criteria in detail at the NUST official webpage.

  • A minimum of 70% marks in your Intermediate (FA/FSC/ICOM) or A-Level or Equivalent examination
  • A minimum of 60% marks in your Matriculation or O-Level examination
  • Equivalence Certificate obtained from IBCC should be provided in case of A/O-Level
  • A good score on the Admission Entry Test
  • A Medical Fitness Certificate issued by a registered medical health practitioner is required
  • NET or SAT-II admission test

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