How To Get Admission In NUST? (Step By Step Guide)

NUST is one of the most prestigious universities there is, in Pakistan. Hundreds of students dream of going to NUST as it is well renowned for its reputation and academic studies and top-grade results every year. Whether it’s the vast variety of programs that the university offers or just plain the ‘vibe’ it gives, is important to people in choosing and applying in this university.

As it is a pure merit-based university, one has to work really hard in order to get in and continue with their degrees.

National University of Sciences and Technology, also known as NUST was established in 1991 aiming to deliver higher scientific education in the country, particularly specializing in Sciences and Technology. As the years have gone by, the university has flourished to great extents in scope, stature and services and has turned out to be a leading university of the public sector.

What’s important is how to get admission in NUST? And what is the requirement basically? You don’t need to worry or procrastinate whether you will get in or not. All you have to do is work hard, achieve great scores and apply in the university within the deadline. Here is how:

Eligibility Criteria:

NUST has set up criteria through which the admissions of the students will take place in the undergraduate programs.

  • Before applying at NUST, you need to make sure that you have obtained at least 60% aggregate marks in SSC or HSSC or equivalent degrees like O levels or A levels. This should be according to the equivalence of IBCC.
  • For students who have a background of FA or FSC can apply for NET (NUST Entry Test) on the basis of their FSC part 1 or FA part 1 score but the admission will be confirmed only after the certificate of FSC/FA or Detailed Marks Sheet is provided to the university.
  • For those of the students who do not belong to an FSC background, they should have an equivalence certificate issued by IBCC, Pakistan with a minimum aggregate of 60% and in relevant subjects.
  • O/A level candidates can apply in the university with their O level certificate (SSC equivalence) obtained from the Inter Board Committee of Chairman (IBCC) office but the admission will be confirmed only if A level (HSSC) equivalence certificate is provided from IBCC.
  • It is to be noted that all the documents along with the equivalence certificated should be provided to the university before the start of classes otherwise the admission will be canceled at any point.
  • Medical Fitness plays a key role in the admission process. The candidate will be asked to provide a Medical Certificate issued by a government hospital or registered health practitioner at the time of the admission to ensure the wellbeing of the student and his/her mental/physical fitness.
  • The university is fully in charge of rejecting an application without giving any reason or justification.

There are 2 ways a student can apply into NUST 1) by giving NET and 2) by SAT II.


Coming to the admission for NUST, this university conducts its own Entry test which weighs 75% of the total merit. Students have an option taking the test in 2 ways:

  1. Paper-Based Entrance Test
  2. Computerized based Entrance Test

The good thing about the test is that it is conducted thrice a year and you can appear in the test for more than once and your best score will be considered. This means, that you can also give NET again in order to improve your score.

This test is compiled from all the textbooks that you may have studied during your FSC. That is why the students are supposed to go through all the relevant books and textbooks of the course in order to help them through for the preparation of the NET.

Paper-based Entrance tests are held in Karachi and Quetta whereas Computer-based tests are held in Islamabad.

Coming to the eligibility for the NET test and its weightage here’s some information about it. The eligibility criteria remain the same as the basic eligibility criteria for the admission of the student into NUST.

Here’s how the weightage of the test pattern is divided into subjects for engineering field:

Total MCQS in the test are 200 which are to be solved in 3 hours.

  • Mathematics (80 MCQS) = 40%
  • Physics (60 MCQS) = 30%
  • Chemistry (30 MCQS) = 15%
  • English (20 MCQS) = 10%
  • Intelligence (10 MCQS) = 5%

NUST declares its merit list by the following formula:

  • NUST entry test counts as 75% of all the tests
  • HSSC/A level/DAE or part 1 counts as 15%
  • Whereas matriculation or O level count as just 10%.

Once you have understood what NET is and on which basis you will be selected for admission in NUST, you can now proceed with registering yourself and applying in the university.

How To Register Yourself At Nust On The Basis Of Net:

  • First you need to register yourself at the official website of by providing a valid email address.
  • Once you have done that, you will be given a login username and a password to access the application form.
  • You have to fill the entire application form with the right details and upload a colored photograph of yourself (make sure, it’s the most recent one) with a plain background and submit the form once you are done. On successful submission of the form, you will receive a confirmation email from NUST.
  • Now, you will have to re login into your account and process a fee invoice for depositing processing fee from “My Account Page”.
  • You can deposit fee at any HBL branch and it will be confirmed within the next 5 days through email.
  • Candidates who will give computer based exams will have to select a schedule including test date and session from the available slots.
  • It is to be noted that the allocation of the test date and session are directed on “first come, first serve’ basis.
  • These candidates with computer based test will be given a roll number, test session, test center, login ID with a password.
  • The candidates who are going to give paper based tests in Karachi and Quetta will receive a detailed email with the date and time for the test and the exact venue where the test will be held along with the admit card.
  • These candidates are required to print their admit cards and bring those with themselves to the test center along with their original CNIC/Passport/family registration certificate or FSC/Matric result card with their photograph as a proof of identification for the test.
  • As mentioned earlier, NET test has a big advantage that you can give your test 3 times in one year which automatically means that candidates can appear more than once to improve their score and the best score will be picked for merit generation by the system.
  • One more option for the candidates is that they hold preference of a choice AFTER the announcement of the merit list. But if the change of heart takes place, they can submit an application for that change to happen but only ONCE during the selection process. After that period, no application will entertained.
  • Candidates should always keep the deadline in their mind because no candidate will be allowed for admission who fails to deposit their admission dues.
  • Make sure that all the data you enter and documents attached are authentic and not forged because any misinterpretation of the data will lead to the cancellation of the admission at any stage.


SAT is another way to apply at NUST. But it is not practiced by a lot of people as the competition is very tough and you need near to excellent marks in SAT II in order to get in. Another drawback of entering through SAT II is that the seats are limited for the people allying through SAT so there is a lesser probability of getting in so just to be on the safe side, prepare for NET and just give an attempt anyway even if you have given your SAT previously.

You have to give SAT II in level 2 for the following subjects:

  • Maths
  • Physics
  • Chemistry

This is the engineering department requirement whereas for the business, you need to give SAT 1.

Application Form Requirements:

Coming to the application form requirements, you need to fill it entirely with authentic information and remember that only online applications will be accepted for applying into the university.

  • As mentioned above, on registering yourself on the site, you will receive a login username and a password to access the application form. Note that the application process is free of charge.
  • You can apply online for more than one discipline but will be charged for each additional discipline applied.
  • You will have to upload a recent colored photograph of yourself on the application form.
  • If, on the application form both the CGPA/percentage are mentioned then you will only enter the CGPA and in case your result hasn’t been officially declared yet then you will submit the CGPA of the previous term/semester.
  • You should consult the eligibility criteria for the programs you are choosing beforehand because those candidates who dot fit in the eligibility criteria of the specific preferences will not be considered for those degrees anyhow.
  • You can deposit the fee online by taking the print of the fee challan form at any HBL branch.
  • You have to attach the scanned copies of the documents on the application form. These include; Matric/equivalent certificate, undergraduate/postgraduate(if any) degrees showing the exact time period, copy of your computerized national identity card, NOC from employers (if you are employed somewhere) and an experience certificate (for MBA and EMBA candidates).
  • Make sure that all the information you give is original and authentic because otherwise, misinterpretation of any kind of information will lead to the cancellation of the admission immediately.

Always remember that there is absolutely nothing that you cannot achieve without determination and hard work. If you have set your goals to something, the only thing that is stopping you is probably your lack of focus so always focus greatly and never back down!