How To Check Syllabus For Any Subject And Class Of FBISE

Do you know some part of your book is not included in the syllabus for the final exams?

Yes, it is true, but you will not believe because you are thinking Federal Bord doesn’t do such easy things to the students.

I know you need a proof, and I have it.

Energy Chart of Respiration is not included in the syllabus that is the part of Bioenergetics, the Chapter No 7 in 9th Class Biology TextBook – PLD Publisher.

It needs a detailed article which is included and not included in the syllabus. Soon an article will be written on it on Top Study World.

Step By Step Guide To Check The Syllabus Of FBISE For Any Class

Step 1:

Go to FBISE Syllabus. You will see the below interface.

Note:If You’re Interested In Checking The Syllabus For Practicals Of FBISE, Then You Can Click The 3rd Option As Shown Above.

Step 2:

Now click on “SYLLABUS AND MODEL QUESTION PAPERS (THEORY)”. It will show the below interface

It means you can check the syllabus for:

1.  SSC (9th and 10th Class)

2. HSSC (11th and 12th Class)

3. Hearing Impaired Children (from 9th to 12th Class)

You can check on any subject, and keep updated sometimes syllabus can be changed. 

If changed, you will see the below GIF:

Unable to View the Files?

Are you unable to read or view the files that are hosted on the FBISE site? Most files are in PDF and Microsoft Word, but you can now view without installing anything.

Just read this article how to open PDF or Word files with or without apps and software.