How To View Any PDF Or Word File With And Without App

How many times it has become to you that you tried to install an app and you ran out of storage space on your smartphone?

In case you have a laptop, you may face a problem being not installed a PDF reader or Microsoft Office is not yet registered.

I know it happens a lot of time, the same goes for you.

I will explain how to open any PDF or Word file by:

1. By installing simple software on your smartphone or laptop

2. Without any software or app


It is extremely simple, you just need an internet connection and a browser to open a file. If you’re reading this, congratulations, you are using a browser already.

Just follow two simple steps:

Step 1:

Go to Cloud Document Viewer, it will look like the below image. Click on “Click or Drop Your Document Here”. Now locate the file that you want to run and select.

It supports all document files i.e., PDF, Word File, Excel File etc.

Step 2:

It will run on your browser like this. It will take a few seconds to load, once loaded, you are good to go.


Always running a document file on the internet may be frustrating for you, if it is so, you can download the software application on your laptop or app on your smartphone to run the file that you need.

PDF Reader For Windows And Mac

If you’re using any version of Windows from 10 to XP or Mac, you can follow the followings to download:

Step 1:
Go to Adobe Reader, and click Download. Make sure to uncheck the boxes because you don’t need.

Step 2:

It will be downloaded from the internet. Once downloaded, you can install via next and next way.

PDF Reader For Android:

Just go to Google Play Store, and write in search Adobe Acrobat Reader, and install it.

PDF Reader For IPhone

Go to App Store, and write Adobe Acrobat Reader, and tap on “Get”

Word File Viewer For Android

Go to Google Play Store, and search for Microsoft Word to read.

Word File Viewer For IPhone

Go to App Store and download Microsoft Word.

I hope after this article, you will not face an issue for viewing PDF and Word files of your school, college, university.