How Oversea Federal Board Students Study In Summer Vacation

One common problem which is faced by almost every oversea student of Federal Board is that they do not have any academy that can test them in a proper manner. There are only colleges and no doubt the teachers are very devoted, explain every topic clearly and answer every question asked by students. College conducts test but its test system is not enough.

<p”>The syllabus of F.Sc is a lot more than the matriculation as the classes start from mid of September in order to cover the syllabus, but it’s covered very late especially in Feburary or March as compared to December covered by the academies here in Pakistan which are started on 1th June of every year and the syllabus is ended in December.

Those students who do not go to academy especially the overseas students, wasted much time at home because of summer and winter vacation, they do nothing in these precious holidays, but it is the opposite case when we compare with an academy student – weekly or daily tests are taken.

Here a question arises how you should prepare for the FBISE exams to get maximum marks in the summer and winter vacation.

Here are the solutions!

First of all, in summer vocations, just try to complete your art subjects that are total 3 in number – Urdu, English, and Pak Study or Islamiyat. If you memorize the books as if you are the author then you will have no tension after the holidays. Memorize such a way that you do not need to spend so much time on these subjects after the holidays have come to an end, rather you will only focus on your science subjects. As you know art subjects matter a lot; most students take it easy. 

If you’ve read the article of getting 94 marks in Urdu on my blog – he is a student of Federal Board – you can see that you can get the same marks, which of course, not possible without putting your some efforts to the art subjects. In Urdu, you have to memorize a lot of couplets (Shair) – memorize all the famous couplets of 9th, 10th, and 11th class. Because without memorizing couples, you cannot get amazing marks in Urdu.

Work Smarter, Not Harder.jpg

The same goes to English. You must have a strong grip on grammatical structures. The English grammar syllabus is not easy, it will take some time to tackle it. You can go through all the MCQs of past 6 years old papers on the FBISE official website then learn from the internet. By the way, you can get 90 marks in English if you hard work. Memorize a lot of quotes, you have to write in answers and in an essay in order to make it effective and impress the checker.

Try to memorize the complete book of Pak Study in order to impress the examiner by writing unexpected dates in the paper with the help of a blue marker. You can get 48-49 marks in Pak Study. It means if you make use of English, Urdu and Pak in order to get 90+94+48=232, then it means you have achieved 60% of your target in the summer vacation.

Many students start studying from the science subjects where are very difficult because you don’t have the concepts, you will get bored. It is better to study the art subjects instead of science subjects.

If you have a little bit more time, try to memorize all the exercises of science subjects that are written at the end of the chapters. You can also use of and where every topic of every science subject is explained in Urdu. It doesn’t matter either you belong to Federal Board or Punjab Board, it would be a helpful site. You can also download these lectures on your smartphone, then listen wherever you go outside or somewhere.