Essay On Current Affairs Of Pakistan 2020 (200 & 500 Words)

Essay On Current Affairs Of Pakistan 2020 (200 words)

Pakistan faced challenges and witnessed events in 2020 that significantly impacted its political, social, and economic landscape. One of the most significant events was the outbreak of COVID-19, which affected the country in various ways.

The government took various steps to contain the spread of the virus, including imposing lockdowns and other measures to restrict people’s movement. The country also faced economic challenges due to the pandemic, with many businesses shutting down and the economy contracting.

Another significant event in 2020 was the ongoing conflict in Kashmir. The Indian government revoked the special status of Jammu and Kashmir, which led to protests and unrest in the region. Pakistan strongly condemned the move and continued to advocate for the rights of the Kashmiri people.

The year also saw political turmoil in Pakistan, with the opposition parties staging protests and rallies against the government’s policies. The government faced criticism for handling the economy and its efforts to curb corruption.

Overall, 2020 was challenging for Pakistan, facing various economic, political, and social issues. However, the government’s efforts to tackle these challenges and its commitment to promoting peace and stability in the region give hope for a brighter future.

Essay On Current Affairs Of Pakistan 2020 (500 words)

Pakistan, a country located in South Asia, faced numerous challenges in 2020. Pakistan had a tumultuous year, from the COVID-19 pandemic to the economic crisis and political instability. In this essay, we will discuss the current affairs of Pakistan in 2020.

The COVID-19 pandemic significantly impacted Pakistan’s healthcare system, economy, and society. As of 2021, there have been over 900,000 confirmed cases and over 20,000 deaths in Pakistan due to COVID-19. The government implemented lockdowns and other measures to control the spread of the virus. However, these measures also adversely affected the economy and the poor population, who could not earn their livelihoods due to the lockdowns.

Pakistan’s economy has been struggling recently, and the COVID-19 pandemic has only worsened the situation. The country faced a current account deficit of $3 billion in the fiscal year 2019-20, and the GDP growth rate remained at -0.4%. The government took steps to address the economic crisis, such as seeking financial assistance from international organizations and implementing economic reforms. However, these measures have yet to yield significant results.

Pakistan also experienced political instability in 2020. The opposition parties formed a coalition called the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) to demand the resignation of Prime Minister Imran Khan. The PDM held rallies nationwide, and the government responded with arrests and crackdowns on opposition leaders. The situation escalated, with the opposition announcing a long march towards Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan, to pressure the government. However, the march was later postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Another significant event in Pakistan’s current affairs in 2020 was the Lahore High Court’s decision to overturn the death sentence of Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh, a British national convicted of the murder of American journalist Daniel Pearl in 2002. The international community, including the United States, criticized the decision and sparked outrage in Pakistan. The government has appealed the decision, and the case remains ongoing.

Pakistan also faced challenges in its relations with neighboring countries in 2020. The country had tense relations with India over the Kashmir dispute, with both sides engaging in ceasefire violations and cross-border firing. Pakistan also had strained relations with Afghanistan over allegations of Taliban support and cross-border terrorism.

In conclusion, Pakistan faced numerous challenges in 2020, including the COVID-19 pandemic, economic crisis, political instability, and strained relations with neighboring countries. The government took steps to address these issues, but their effectiveness remains to be seen. Pakistan must continue working towards a stable and prosperous future, both for its citizens and its relations with the international community.

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