Unit 9 – All Is Not Lost – Translations

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The reason you need to take notes in class is because you are going to forget what the teacher said. You may think you will remember, but you will basically be taking a gamble that your memory is accurate.

Make sure you take notes. And, even if you do remember everything, it is still helpful to go back and look at your notes later, on the bus ride home or when you’re studying for a test. That way, you can make sure that you fully understand what the teacher said.

Rendered in a non-confrontational tone:One of the most important things to do when taking notes is to always try and make connections between what is being taught and things that have been discussed before.

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This helps the information stick with you longer, thus making studying for exams easier and more efficient. Additionally, you will gain the full learning experience from your classes instead of just writing down everything someone says without really understanding it.

Slightly more detailed explanation:One of the reasons it is good to make connections between earlier and later topics that are being discussed in class is because it helps those topics stick with you longer.

You are at the right place.