Unit 4 – Hazrat Asma Notes In PDF [9th Class]

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Islamiyat is the study of Islam. It is concerned with the Qur’an, the Hadith and Islamic Law. As a subject it is closely related to Arabic. Islamiyat is a common subject in Pakistan where it is compulsory in many schools at both secondary and higher secondary levels.

Its importance lies in its ability to teach us about our religion and also to form a bridge between ourselves as Muslims and non-Muslims.

The subject of Islamiyat has often been under attack by critics who claim that it has no place in the modern world and serves only to divide Muslims from non-Muslims. This view has been rejected by the majority of the people of Pakistan who consider Islamiyat a vital part of their school education.

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As a result, there are more students taking up this subject at university level as well as more research being conducted by scholars from different countries.

Islam is the second largest religion on earth, yet there is a lot of ignorance surrounding it. In schools, we learn about Christianity, Judaism, and the other main religions. Very little time is spent on Islam or other religions that are not as big in the United States.

This has caused many misconceptions about Islam to be created by those that do not know what Islam really is.