Unit 2 – Patriotism Notes In PDF [9th Class]

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Patriotism is like religion, it is best kept out of politics. Yet the two are so closely intertwined that they are inseparable. Even now, in the middle of a war against terrorism, it is difficult to mention patriotism without raising a thousand different opinions.

At present the United States is fighting a war unlike any we have seen before. The enemy has no country and no borders, and can strike anywhere at anytime.

Patriotism has been shown through many acts, from defeating enemies to helping those in need. Patriotism also has many faces; it may be found in the hearts of soldiers who protect us each day or in the men who wrote our Constitution and formed our great nation.

No matter how it shows itself, patriotism has always been at the heart of America and its people.

But if pressed for a definition, most people would describe patriotism as the love of one’s country.

I could love my country by wishing it well and hoping that other countries would treat it decently; or I could love my country by cheering for its sports teams, eating its regional cuisine, and flying its flag on national holidays; or I could love my country by spending all day on talk radio urging the president to bomb some foreign capital into oblivion – which at least has the virtue of being an active sentiment.

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