Genius Students Have These 3 Daily Habits That Make Them Smart

I know what you’re thinking: genius students are born.

What if I say they are made?

You will be amazed.

Genetic talent may be responsible, but it’s not always the case.

  • Genius students always put effort and use their brain that makes them smart that will be explained in this article.
  • Anybody can be genius if they work on these 3 habits daily.
  • It takes only 60 minutes a day.

These habits are backed by research. It may be difficult for you to adopt this change, don’t we students hate change?

But if you want to be an ultra-genius, then you have to change your lifestyle a bit.

Let’s come to the point.

Reflect for 10 minutes a day, Not As What You Normally Think: Be Different

10 minutes may be the hardest for you, but not if you’ve decided to change yourself a bit.

Because you have to ponder and think about anything that you are interested in. Thinking is the most tedious task because it takes the same amount of energy when you do physical exercise.

You need to pick a problem, then try to solve that. All you need to use your extensive power of your brain then put into work.

Why you came in this world? How you can change yourself.

This thing is common among entrepreneurs who start a business on an idea that revolves around solving a specific problem.

For example, Careem and Uber made an app through which anybody can go anywhere without being tired. They made for common people so that they don’t need to pay high money to the taxi drivers that used to charge high.

This thing is common among entrepreneurs who start a business on an idea that revolves around solving a specific problem. How Careem and Uber became possible? It is due to the reflecting. You need to think for 10 minutes on solving a specific problem.

It may be related to your studies too.

For example, if you are getting low marks in Urdu. Start questioning, how I can get high marks in Urdu? How toppers get high marks in Urdu? These questions lead to answers if you try to find.

You will find an answer on the internet if you are really curious about it.

Read for 20 minutes a day: But Not Study Books

You can ask any genius student of the world, he would tell you different stories about reading books.

Reading opens your mind, and you try to think out of the box.

When you are tired of studying your books. You need to read other books or articles that develop an interest in you.

You can read how Firefly works. You can read fascinating things that God has made for you to wonder and ponder.

All the great billionaires and geniuses have one thing in common that is reading.

Reading gives you wings. It makes you a better human.

I don’t think 20 minutes are a lot for you. But if you read that makes your brain enjoyable, it also helps you in study indirectly.

Your brain then tries to find fun in your study related topics.

Don’t make excuses that you don’t have time to read, only 20 minutes of reading of your favorite topics will make your way easy.

You will have more knowledge, and you will have a thousand reasons to smile and talk about topics with your friend when others don’t have words to say.

Focus for 30 minutes a day: Aim for Progress and Distractions Less

It’s not the same thing that you did in 10 minutes for reflecting.

It’s the time to use your brain and body to dedicate something to achieving that seems impossible.

Do you know? The focus of a genius student and an average student can’t be the same.

Why does it happen a topper can memorize a topic in less time as compared to others? It’s the game of focus. The mastery that takes months to develop.

Only a few students can focus because smartphones, laptops, and TV make them distracted.

They are always thinking about the next notification on Whatsapp of their friend, the next Facebook Like of the post that they did yesterday.

The focus is the habit of geniuses whatever they do with focus and concentration.
Of course, it takes time to develop.

Implement Today

If you don’t want to adopt these 3 habits, then minimum do the habit of 10 minutes reflecting and thinking.

It takes a few minutes but boosts your IQ to the next level when you will do every day.

Share your thoughts in the below comments which technique are you going to use?