Chartered Accountant Vs Medical Doctor (In Pakistan)

Every profession is noble if you are in it with honesty. There are good and bad professionals in every field, but the area itself is not to blame.

Accountancy and medicine are two very different fields. They require different skill sets. The academic prerequisites are in complete contrast. The working environment is very different, but one thing is the same.

If you work hard, you can go up the ladder of success very quickly in both fields. There are lots of opportunities for growth in both areas.

Brief Introduction Of CA

Chartered Accountancy is a very lucrative and attractive field. Chartered Accountants work in finance, management, audit, and accountancy.

It is a qualification which is in high demand in both the public and private sectors. In Pakistan, CA is considered the best qualification for financial analysts.

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Chartered Accountants work with different businesses, financial institutions, and governments. They have a critical role in society. This field requires a lot of dedication.

1. Pathway To CA

You can pursue CA through two schemes. Full time studies scheme and trainee scheme. The full-time studies scheme is for students who passed their intermediate/A levels. While the Trainee scheme is for university graduates.

2. Eligibility Criteria For CA

It would be best to have a minimum of 50 percent marks in Intermediate/A levels to pursue CA. Internship/training is an essential part of CA. You need to complete the required hours in every discipline.

3. Myths About CA

There is a common myth about CA that it involves a lot of years and failed attempts to pass CA exams. But that is not true. If you work in an organized manner with proper planning and focus, you can crack CA in minimum time with minimum attempts.

4. Job Opportunities After CA

Chartered Accountants are in high demand in financial institutions, including business, corporate sector, banking, audit firms, etc. The working environment is enjoyable.

Fieldwork is minimum. Salaries are very lucrative with accompanying perks and privileges. Chief financial officers, financial advisors, audit officers of different governments, and private sector companies are CA qualified. Besides, you can also start your own business after completing CA.

5. Skills Required For CA

You need to have good analytical and critical thinking skills to work as a financial analyst. Working in the corporate sector often requires good communication skills as well as the ability to negotiate.

An excellent professional attitude, coupled with the drive to move up in the hierarchy, will go a long way in ensuring your success in this field.

6. Perseverance Is The Key

The most critical skill required in this field is perseverance. It will help your career if you are determined to succeed at all costs. Many people lost heart after struggling with CA exams, but if you continue to work hard with a confident attitude, this field will reward you.

7. Brief Introduction About Medicine

Medicine is perhaps the noblest of professions. To be able to alleviate someone’s pain is probably the most rewarding feeling. Doctors have immense respect in the society.

Disciplines In Medicine

The field contains multiple disciplines like MBBS, BDS, DPT, Pharmacy, DVM. There are a large number of government and private universities that offer degrees in relevant disciplines of medicine.

Health is a primary concern for any society. These days doctors are not just restricted to medicine, but they also work very closely with governments and professionals from other fields. This fundamental change has raised the prospects for doctors.

1. Pathway To Medicine

To pursue any degree in medicine, you need to have biology as a compulsory subject in Matric/O level and Fsc/A level. For competing for government seats, you need to have at least 80 percent marks in matric/O level and Fsc/A levels.

Every region and university conducts its medical entrance exam. Merits are often high, and you need to have a sound academic background right from the start to get in any medical discipline. There is no space for complacency.

2. Job Opportunities After Medicine

You can work as an independent doctor ( Registered Medical Practitioner) or in any hospital/clinical setting. The working environment is very stressful, and it involves fieldwork. It would be best if you have a stubborn personality to cope up with the conditions.

You can also work as a researcher or teaching faculty at any medical university. Duty hours are very long, and you have to work in remote areas away from your family for long periods. You can also work as a public health professional with the government and foreign organizations like WHO.

3. Skills Required For Doctor

Doctors need to be empathetic and selfless. They must be ready to put their patients’ welfare above their own. Good communication skills are a must for interacting with the patients and their relatives.

Strong academic background with a passion for learning will take you forward very quickly in this field. A good doctor is the one who considers his work not as a profession but as a mission.

Patients trust their physicians with the most private information about them, so the right professional attitude is necessary for any doctor. Malpractices can result in lawsuits and cancellation of license to practice.

The Final Word

Accountancy and medicine are two very different fields. You must assess your personality and skills while deciding which area to pursue. Because the required skill set for both professions are not the same.

Accountancy has some advantages over medicine since you do not need a resounding academic background to pursue accountancy. In contrast, for medicine, you need to have an excellent educational background throughout your career.

The Success Formula

In both fields, if you want to excel, then you need to work very hard with complete dedication towards your domain. There are no shortcuts to success. Both professions enjoy high respect in society.

They provide you with lots of growth opportunities and chances to harness your potential. Only you can decide which field suits you according to your aptitude.