CSS Vs PMS: 10 Differences You Need To Know

Civil Service is a very lucrative field; without it, the state cannot function. Civil servants work for the government in different departments.

These departments include Police, Administration, Railways, Postal Service, Information Services of Pakistan, Office Management And Secretariat Group, Military Lands and Cantonment Boards, Customs, etc.

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Civil servants also get the opportunity to serve Pakistani interests abroad as diplomatic officers if they join Pakistan’s Foreign Service.

Benefits Of A Career In Civil Services

Hence a career in bureaucracy allows you to serve your country and your people. People look towards civil servants for their problems.

These problems are wide-ranging. A bureaucrat’s job is to make sure that all these disputes are resolved in due time so that people remain satisfied with the government. Bureaucrats make sure that the government functions smoothly.

Divisions Of Civil Services

Civil servants in Pakistan belong to either one of two categories. They either belong to the federal or provincial Bureaucratic Service. To choose one among them, you should know about their differences.

What Is CSS

CSS stands for Central Superior Services. It is the group of federal bureaucrats. After clearing CSS exams, the candidates go through training in Pakistan Civil Services Academy before joining their respective departments.

1) Academic Requirements For CSS

There is no compulsion for a particular academic background to appear for CSS. You must have a bachelor’s degree with a minimum second division in any discipline. If you meet these criteria, then you are eligible for appearing for CSS.

2) Timing Of CSS Exam

The Federal Government of Pakistan holds the CSS exam annually. It is one of the country’s toughest exams, with the annual passing rate falling well below the 1 percent mark—just a handful of people pass CSS every year from thousands of candidates underscoring its importance.

3) Job Description Of CSS Officers

A CSS officer reports to the federal government, and the government can post him to any part of the country. These officers follow national directives.

In the foreign Service of Pakistan, these officers serve as the nation’s diplomats abroad. It is a very prestigious and honorable job and lets you serve your country with pride. Government employees can also appear for CSS.

4) Salient Features Of CSS

A CSS qualification comes with many perks and privileges, as well as with a lot of power. CSS officers are the elite civil servants of the country. They enjoy a lot of protocol.

The competition for CSS slots is tough, but you can easily ace CSS if you study with dedication and focus. This profession is perfect for people who are interested in disciplines like governance, public policy, policing, administration, etc.

5) Status Of CSS

CSS is an elite cadre because these are federal officers. It is a highly competitive exam. You must have good critical analysis skills and a confident attitude to pass CSS.

Civil Service of Pakistan gives you ample opportunities to develop your skills through your career because you are exposed to many challenging situations throughout your career. It hones your decision-making skills and enhances your professional caliber.

You must be ready to work in harsh working conditions because you can be sent to serve in a far-flung area.

6) Growth Opportunities After Clearing CSS

The opportunities for promotion are vast. Once you pass CSS, you join the government in basic pay scale 17. The highest grade is basic pay scale 22.

CSS officers work as assistant commissioners, commissioners of different districts. They also work as district police officers, diplomats, customs officers, etc. Professionals like doctors and engineers can also appear for CSS and join the bureaucracy.

7) Drawbacks Of CSS

There are not a lot of drawbacks to CSS. There is one drawback for people who do not wish to serve away from their homes.

CSS officers can be posted to any part of the country and even abroad as per the federal government’s directives. These postings can include any region varying from Awaran Balochistan to Nowshera Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

The job is almost always concerned with fieldwork. You have to navigate through a lot of challenging situations in this Service. Only a person with a confident personality and a calm attitude can adapt to these working conditions.

What Is PMS

PMS stands for Provincial Management Service. Every province has its provincial bureaucracy, which reports to the Provincial government. A PMS officer belonging to one region cannot serve in another region.

There is no fixed schedule for PMS exams. These are held arbitrarily by the provinces. In prestige, PMS falls below CSS because PMS officers are restricted just to their province.

PMS officers work in departments like revenue, taxation, local audit, etc. for their province. The federal government has no control over these officers.

1) Salient Features Of PMS

PMS officers are posted only in their province of domicile. This advantage is essential for those people who do not wish to serve away from their homes.

2) Drawbacks Of PMS

PMS officers do not enjoy the same prestige as CSS officers do. They have limited promotion opportunities as CSS officers almost always fill the top cadre posts.

Professionally your career growth is affected because you remain confined to a particular province and hence are not subjected to the rigors of CSS, which molds you to perfection.

3) Status Of PMS

PMS is a provincial service. Its scope is only limited to the province of domicile. Promotion opportunities are limited because CSS officers fill the top posts. Exams have no fixed schedule and are held by provincial governments as per their convenience. There is no risk of being posted to far-flung areas.

You can have the surety of working in your own province throughout your career. The decision between the PMS of CSS comes down to your own approach to your future.

If you are adventurous and want to explore yourself, then perhaps CSS will serve you the best. But if you do not want to go to far-flung areas, then you can opt for PMS and perform in your own province.