3 Ways To Get Admission In Army Medical College (AMC) [Guide]

Army Medical College is among the top five medical colleges of Pakistan, and it is a dream college of many young people who are passionate to serve people.

What is so special about this college?

The most fascinating thing is that the college is under the custody of Pakistan Army and young people who aspire military attires, they are given a chance to wear it.

This article will solely address primary methods of getting into AMC.

There is a common confusion that may be only army brats or people with a military background could become part of AMC but this is not the case at all.

Anyone can be the part of AMC family provided he or she meets the criteria. If we talk about girls, they have a confusion that whether they could be a part of AMC or not. Both boys and girls can apply for it.


Army Medical College enrolls students as cadets and there are 3 types of cadets that are part of AMC as listed below:

  • The NUMS Cadet College is a military-based institution that is committed to providing quality education to the youth of Pakistan. The institution will not only prepare you for a career in the Armed Forces of Pakistan but also for a successful civilian life beyond.
  • The institution is built on the concept of “education with character.” The aim is to produce leaders who will be exemplary not only as professionals but also as human beings.
  • The curriculum has been designed by combining the best practices from around the world with our own unique requirements. The courses are well-designed, comprehensive, and challenging.
  • Pakistan is the land of opportunities. The country is blessed with all kinds of human, material and natural resources. The country has all the potential to become a great world power. However, our mindset is still colonial. We are unable to understand the true meaning of freedom.
  • We have nothing in our hands. We have lost our identity and national pride. Education system needs to be improved. We need to concentrate on quality education to compete with the world. We are lagging behind because we lack visionary leadership and effective management system.


NUMS cadets are those who join AMC through NUMS Entry Test. If you don’t know how to apply for NUMS entry test, read the below article:

NUMS stands for National University of Medical Sciences and it organizes a test whose registration starts in July every year and the test is conducted in August.

Anyone done with FSC can apply for this test. If you are waiting for your 2nd-year result, still you are eligible for the test. The ads related to NUMS test appear in newspapers and can also be seen on the website of NUMS.

Taking test is followed by a merit list. The aggregate is a combination of matriculation, FSC, and test marks as 10%, 40% and 50% respectively.

If your name appears in the merit list, pack up your bag and land in Rawalpindi. There is not any kind of medical test or physical test conducted after the appearance of the name in the merit list.

Those who join AMC in this category are not having any contract with Army for serving it. They are in other words not provided jobs in CMH after completion of their degrees whether it is of MBBS or BDS. Unlike Paying Cadets, they have to serve Pak Army for atleast 3 years.

You are going to do your house job in any government hospital. Still, some people manage to be part of CMH staff as army doctors by following a specific procedure


Paying cadets are the cadets who pay their full fee, but the half fee is refunded. They are also known as PCs or PC. They are selected in NUST, NUMS, and UET based on merit. Only army brat can apply for the seat, not civilians. They have to serve Pakistan Army for at least 3 years.

No matter at which rank they are serving, their children can apply for paying cadets seats of AMC.

Candidates with Army background have maximum seats in paying cadets quota than any other forces especially the children of martyred have the edge over others.

Their merit is low followed by high concession in fees. These cadets after clearance wear army uniform and are serving or bonded cadets which mean that army is going to recruit them in CMHs after their MBBS or BDS.

If you don’t know how to apply as a Paying Cadet, you must read the below article:


This is the category of most lucky people. Keep in mind one important thing that only males can avail this opportunity.

No female is recruited as MC.

For this, you are supposed to register yourself on the official website of the army. There is dropdown named as “induction criteria” which shows AM CADET COURSE.

The registration for this course begins in May or June. So you will see the above option during this period.

The whole procedure is divided into 4 phases. First of all, there is an ‘initial test’. This is an academic test and intelligence test. After clearing this test, you appear in a physical test where you do chin-ups, push-ups, and all other physical activities to show your fitness and stamina.

Following this test is ‘medical test’. You are examined in CMH regarding your medical health. In the last, there is ‘interview’ which is conducted by GHQ selection board.

One important thing that I would like to mention here is that the NUMS entrance test has to do nothing with the selection of Medical Cadets. Clearing all these four steps lead you to serve army even when you are in AMC. You are provided with a scholarship of 30,000 plus there is no fee for MCs.

All medical cadets are not enrolled in AMC or in MBBS. Depending upon the merit, they are adjusted in MBBS and BDS.

Few cadets are sent to CMH College Multan, Quetta, Khariyan and Lahore as well. After completion of the degree, medical cadets spend 6 months in PMA for basic military training and after that, they are posted to different CMHs as captain doctors.

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