Russia has been a global superpower since the beginning of civilization. It is the land of intrigue and immense beauty. Previously known as The Mighty USSR (Union Of Soviet Socialist Republics) it is one of the largest countries in the world area wise.

The fall of the USSR was a catastrophic moment for the Russian people but they have recovered from that gloom with remarkable resilience and dedication. Traditionally studying in Russia is a rare concept for Pakistani students but if you have an adventurous personality and are looking for something different then Russia may be the perfect choice for you.

1. Why Russia?

Russia is a global superpower. It is one of the largest countries in the world. The government allocates millions of dollars every year on scientific research and discoveries. This statistic underscores the nation’s dedication to research and innovation.

The Russian space program is one of the most advanced in the world. It is the land of world-famous writers like Leo Talistai, Maxim Gorky, Alexander Pushkin among many others.

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More than 20 Russians have been awarded the prestigious Nobel prize for their contributions in various fields of science and literature and there are many Russian universities in the top 1000 universities in the world.

2. Famous Russian Universities

Many universities in Russia enjoy global recognition and prestige. For example, Moscow State University ranks 87 in the world ranking. It boasts of famous alumni including the likes of Nikolay Semyonov (Nobel prize winner in Chemistry 1956), Vladimir Drinfiedl ( Won prestigious Field medal in mathematics in 1990) Mikhael Gorbachev (Won Nobel Peace Prize in 1990) among many others.

Moscow State University is not the only prestigious university in Russia. Institutions like Saint Petersburg State University, Moscow Institute of Science and Technology, and Novosibirsk State University are some names in the long list of world-class places of learning in Russia.

3. Russian Education System

Russian government puts a lot of emphasis on education. Education till high school is compulsory in Russia. According to some forums, Russia has the highest percentage of educated population in the world. These statistics put Russia ahead of many developed countries of the world including The USA, UK, Japan, or Germany.

Russian education philosophy is based on the concept of collective benefit. Collective benefit means empowering a student with skills and education so that he/she can become a useful and positive part of society.

4. Scholarships

Russia is one of the few countries in the world that offers fully-funded scholarships to international students. Every year the Russian Government spends millions of Robles on free university education for foreign students. The tuition fee in Russia is not much compared with European countries and The USA which makes Russia a highly attractive destination for international students.

5. Medium Of Instruction

Russian universities offer courses both in Russian and English language. You can choose your program and medium of instruction according to your convenience. But you should learn the Russian language because it will make your stay in Russia a very comfortable and memorable experience.

6. Available Programs

Russian universities offer bachelor’s, postgraduate, and Ph.D. programs in every field and discipline but they are known globally for high-quality programs in disciplines like mathematics, chemistry, and physics. There are more than 400 fields of study in Russia which gives students a wide range to choose from. The opportunities are endless and fascinating.

7. Opportunity To Learn Russian Language

The Russian language is one of the most culturally rich and oldest in the world. Some of the world’s most loved literature has been written in the Russian language. Studying in Russia will give you the chance to learn the language better and improve your communication skills. It will also allow you to understand Russian literature.

8. Russian Culture

Russia has one of the most vibrant cultures in the world. Studying in Russia will give you the once in a lifetime chance to enjoy and experience the Russian culture. Cities like Moscow and Leningrad are beacons of history and civilization. There are festivals, carnivals, and exhibitions all around the year.

Many of the world’s most famous writers, artists, and actors belonged to Russia. Living in this amazing country will be an experience you will never forget.

9. Student Benefits

Students enjoy special discounts on public transport, cafeterias, exhibitions, and other public facilities. These discounts are also valid for international students making Russia one of the most student-friendly countries in the world.

10. Extra-Curricular Activities

Russian universities believe in the concept of comprehensive education. Comprehensive education means teaching students not only in classrooms but through other mediums like sports, debates, plays, and acts as well.

You will get the chance to polish up your sports skills and face your class fellows in live debates. Every university has world-class sports facilities including gyms, playgrounds, and theatres.

11. Opportunity To Travel

Russia is a country of very diverse landscapes. It has lakes, forests, deserts, mountains, flatlands, seas, icy oceans all in one. Studying in Russia will allow you to see this amazing country and witness the contrasts it has to offer. There are more than 30 UNESCO world heritage sites in Russia.

You can travel to these sites and be amazed by their history and beauty. You can get an idea of the mightiness of Russia by the fact that it has more than ten time zones and borders countries on three continents.

12. Personal Liberties

Russia is a civilized country. The constitution offers many liberties to citizens which are also applicable to foreign students. The crime rate is among the lowest in the world and people are generally very peace-loving. There are some aspects that you need to be careful about while studying in Russia. You should not criticize the government or government officials because according to the law it is a crime and can result in being arrested or deported.

Respect the local laws and traditions. If you take care of these aspects then living in Russia will be a very memorable experience for you.

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