If you are a 12th class student who wants to excel in your English grammar exam, then you need to have the best notes for 12th class English grammar. These notes are specially made for FBISE and Punjab board students and contain all the relevant and updated information about the subject. You will learn all the rules, concepts, and applications of English grammar in these notes. You will also find plenty of practice questions and answers to test your knowledge and prepare yourself for the exam. Don’t miss this opportunity and download these notes now!

Contributed by: Shah Saleem

We were graded in school for our essays and reports, but did we get trained in writing during our schooling? Do people actually know how to write well? Why are so many people not able to write a proper sentence or use correct grammar?  The first is that people do not have the time to take language classes because of their busy schedules. The second reason is that it can be difficult to learn all the rules of a language by oneself.
Writing relies on several different skills, all of which should be developed from an early age, such as speaking and listening. Speaking and listening help improve vocabulary, listening skills and speaking skills, which are all needed in order to be able to write properly. Writing can only be improved by reading good books, novels or even newspapers.
Even though they might seem boring, they will improve your vocabulary and writing skills significantly. It is important that you read often if you want to become a good writer. Reading books and newspapers will also help you learn new words; you can find new words that you can add to your vocabulary and use them in your own writings.
The internet is an excellent source for finding words that you do not know how to use yet.

You have come to the right place. The best part? You can download as well as you can view the notes without downloading.

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Chapter 1 – Comprehension and Precise Writing

This Chapter 1 notes have:

  • What is Precis?
  • Rules of making precise
  • Why is it impossible to be affectionate to a boy of fourteen?
  • Much more

Chapter 1

Content: Short and Long Answers | Solved Exercises | MCQs 

Chapter 2 – Correction of errors in given paragraphs

This Chapter 2 notes have:

  • Errors in the use of tense, article, preposition and spellings?
  • Incorrect preposition, incorrect adverb, missing article and spelling errors?
  • Incorrect verbs and adverbs
  • Much More

Chapter 2

Content: Short and Long Answers | Solved Exercises | MCQs 

Chapter 3 – Essay Writing

This Chapter 3 notes have:

  • The Economy of Pakistan
  • The Menace of Drugs among Youth
  • The C-PEC and our future
  • Much More

Chapter 3

Content: Short and Long Answers | Solved Exercises | MCQs 

Chapter 4- Phrasal Verbs / Idioms

This Chapter 4 notes have:

  • At home
  • At hand
  • Alive to
  • Much More

Chapter 4

Content: Short and Long Answers | Solved Exercises | MCQs 

Chapter 5- Report Writing

This Chapter 5 notes have:

  • Suppose you are a member of task force to provide better facilities
  • Suppose you are working as a bureau chief in a newspaper
  • Suppose you are working as a reporter in a newspaper
  • Much more

Chapter 5

Content: Short and Long Answers | Solved Exercises | MCQs 

Chapter 6 – Use of Phrasal Verbs and Idioms

This Chapter 6 notes have:

  • Blow hot and cold
  • Bring into play
  • Come to grief
  • Much More

Chapter 6

Content: Short and Long Answers | Solved Exercises | MCQs 

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