We have published 9th Class Notes for all the subjects for you all in one place. If you go to the above link. You don’t need to look for the individual chapter. You can download or view online without any hustle.

These notes are useful if you are the student of Federal Board in Pakistan. Below is the PDF notes for the Chapter 1, and its title is “Fundamentals of Computer” This is the content that you can find in the PDF.


1. MCQs

  • Who invented logarithm?
  • Which generation of computer used transistor?
  • In which generation of computer microprocessor was introduced?
  • Which of the following computer supports thousands of users at the same time?
  • Who is responsible for protecting information and information systems from unauthorized people in an organization?
  • Which of the following is the fastest memory?
  • What type of software a device driver is?
  • Which of the following is volatile memory?
  • Which software is distributed free of cost for a limited period as a trial version
  • When were IC chips developed?

2. Short Questions Answers

  • Describe Napier’s Bone and Slide Rule.
  • Compare 1 st and 3’0 generation computers.
  • Differentiate between analog and digital computers.
  • Difference between analogue and digital computer
  • Ahmed, a class IX student is asking his father to replace his home computer CRT monitor with LCD monitor. How will you justify his demand?
  • What will happen if storage devices. are removed from a computer?
  • Differentiate between systems software and application software
  • How a student can use computer to improve academic performance?
  • Give any three uses of computers in a. school library.
  • Name few house hold appliances in which microprocessor is used.
  • What are the tasks performed by operating system?

3. Long Questions Answers

  • Describe the five generations of computers
  • Write a note on mainframe, minicomputer and microcomputer
  • Explain the basic operations of a computer
  • Identify the use of productivity, business, entertainment and education software.
  • Write short note on the following:
    • Hardware Engineer
    • Network Administrator
    • Database Administrator
    • Web Designer
    • Multimedia Designer

PDF Chapter 1

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