We have published 9th Class Notes for all the subjects for you all in one place. If you go to the above link. You don’t need to look for the individual chapter. You can download or view online without any hustle. These notes are useful if you are the student of Federal Board in Pakistan. Below is the PDF notes for the Chapter 2, and its title is “Fundamentals of Operating System” This is the content that you can find in the PDF.


1. Short Questions Answers

  • Why operating system is important software for a computer? Give any five reasons.
  • Give any three objectives of operating system?
  • Mention few disadvantages of using DOS. 
  • Name two operating systems which are used in modern mobile. phones
  • What difficulties a student may face if he/she is not familiar with the operating system of a computer?
  • Define UNIX and Windows operating system. 
  • Differentiate between single-user and multi-user operating systems
  • What is meant by managing data and why is it important?
  • What is meant by resources of computer?
  • What types of problems may a student face if no antivirus is installed in his/her computer system 

2. Long Questions Answers

  • Explain the main functions of operating system.
  • Describe the following computer Interfaces.
    • a) Command Line Interface
    • b) Graphical User Interface 
    • c) Menu-driven Interface
  • Describe the following types of operating systems.
    • Batch Processing System
    • Time-sharing System
    • Real-time System
  • Write notes on Macintosh and Linux operating systems
  • Describe the basic icons of Windows operating system.
  • PDF Chapter 2
  • Size: 2.84 MB | Pages: 27 

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