Best ACCA Universities In Pakistan (Updated 2024)

Have you been considering choosing the best profession in terms of job security and global contribution in the 21st century? Then here’s a piece of advice! ACCA should be your first priority.

It is a good way of expanding one’s knowledge on various topics. One has a chance to get the best tutors who are highly experienced in the field. The fees charged are affordable to ordinary people, hence making it possible for any person to join the course.

The skills learned enable one work in a variety of places and even with different organisations. The acca courses also provide one with a chance of working for big organisations such as big corporate firms, banks etc in the future.

They provide one with enough hands-on experience that helps them perfect their skills in the field they have studied. The acca courses offer you an opportunity of personal growth through providing you with different challenges, which enables you to work on your weaknesses and make yourself better as compared to your peers who did not take up the courses.

There are many benefits of ACA.

The newly insured population has been able to get additional medical care at lower costs.  This type of care has a high success rate in preventing more costly treatment later on. In fact, the number of uninsured individuals under age 65 dropped from 20% in 2000 to 13% in 2011 (CBO, 2013). The low-income families have benefited from getting free or low-cost coverage through Medicaid expansion and tax credits (the latter being available only if you purchase your insurance through the state or federal exchanges).

ACCA stands for the Association of Certified Chartered Accountants and together with CA, provides the best body of accountants and financiers around the globe. Over the past decades, it has emerged as the most benefiting and progressive field for sharp minds and accountancy enthusiasts.

Pakistan has been investing a great deal in bringing this field into the limelight over the years. It’s high time the students start prioritizing this degree while making potential professional studies for themselves.

Do you think it’s the dream profession for you? Then, bookmark this blog right away. We’re going to enlist and advise the best institutes in Pakistan, offering ACCA degrees.

While this list will help you in choosing the right institute for you, bear in mind that the institutes have not been ranked in terms of their expertise and the success of their graduates. With that said, let’s scroll down and dig into the list.

Mirchawala’s Hub Of Accountancy

Mirchawala Hub of Accountancy is a leading provider of professional education in Pakistan. Established in 2009, the institute has achieved the status of Gold learning provider by ACCA. It offers a wide range of courses, including ACCA, ICAEW, CFA, and CMA. Mirchawala is known for its high-quality tuition and top-notch learning materials. The institute has a great track record of ACCA success, with its students consistently performing higher than ACCA global pass rates. Mirchawala also offers a variety of study options to suit your individual needs and circumstances.

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SKANS School Of Accountancy

Established in Lahore in 1995, this institute stands for Skills, Knowledge, and Application Nurtured through a Student-managed participative learning approach. With more than two decades invested in building the best place for accountancy tutoring in Pakistan, it has become a pioneer figure for CA and ACCA.

Its campuses have grown to these major cities all around Pakistan:

  • Islamabad
  • Lahore
  • Multan
  • Sialkot
  • Gujranwala
  • Faisalabad
  • Peshawar
  • Rawalpindi

Both ACCA and ACCA Foundation Diploma are initiated in September every year. If you think this is the institute for you, then keep an eye on the official website at for the latest updates regarding admission policy and procedure.

CAPS (College Of Accounting And Professional Studies)

This institute was built in Lahore in 1992. With a progressive educational environment and considerable exposure for its students, it has proved to be a leading private sector institution in the field of Accountancy.

Here are some plus points to convince you of its expertise! The college has been awarded Gold Status as a learning partner by the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA).

PAC (Professionals Academy Of Commerce)

Founded in 1987 by Mr. Ishfaq Ahmad, PAC worked with a vision to bring Pakistan into the international arena of Accountancy. Its campuses are operating in the following cities to carry out its founder’s goals today:

  • Lahore (Garden Town and Gulberg)
  • Islamabad
  • Peshawar
  • Sialkot

Online tutor services are also available at their site. So, if you’re unable to move to these cities to pursue ACCA, this is the perfect choice for you! Call for admissions for ACCA is given in September, so be prepared for the admission test.

CFE (College Of Financial Education)

With its headquarters established around two decades ago in Lahore, CFE has proved to be an industry-standard in fields of Professional Accountancy & Finance, Commerce, Management Sciences, Computer Sciences and various technical courses.

CFE offers bachelor’s and master’s level courses as well as diplomas for Accountancy. If you’re looking for dedicated professionals teaching and providing the best courses in Pakistan, then this is your go-to institute.

PCA (Professional’s College Of Accountancy)

Operating in the accounts sector in Pakistan for quite a considerable span, PCA has been ranked among the top ten institutes for ACCA. Aided by a hardworking and dexterous faculty, the college has proved its excellence by providing the best ACCA professionals over the year. Mark this on your priority list!

Rise School Of Accountancy

It’s a relatively new addition to the list of Accountancy institutes. Built-in 2008, it offers expert degrees in commerce, finance, accounts and business administration. RISE is rooted in Lahore with its well-equipped and modern campuses located in Garden Town and Gulberg.

If you want to fully experience and enjoy the campus life and an on-field exposure in your studies, then go for Rise!

ACUTE (Institute Of Professional Studies)

Not all institutes are situated in the heart of Punjab, Lahore. IPS holds its campus in Sahiwal and specializes in degrees like ACCA, FIA and CIMA. It will definitely prove to be a good addition to your priority list. Totally recommended!

SAF (School Of Accounting And Finance)

Who wouldn’t know about The University of Lahore? The institute has proved its excellence over the course of years as a great contributor in the higher education sector in Pakistan. Working under this university, SAF provides internationally recognized professional Accountancy qualifications like CA, ACCA etc.

TMUC (The Millennium University College)

When it comes to private sector universities excelling in providing the best exposure and experience in Accountancy, TMUC is the best choice. Its founder institute, The Roots Millennium Schools Pakistan, has been serving in the education sector for over 30 years. This fact alone establishes the unprecedented reputation of TMUC.

The institute has its main campus in the federal capital, Islamabad. The rest of the campuses are working in Rawalpindi, Gujranwala, Lahore and Karachi. With close ties with employers and hiring companies all around the globe, TMUC takes care of its students from tuition to employment all right. So, you’re in good hands!

TSA (Tabani’s School Of Accountancy)

TSA is a privately-owned accountancy institution in Karachi working for two decades to produce the best professionals in the field. The school hosts students in its three campuses throughout Karachi located at

  • P.E.C.H.S
  • North Nazimabad
  • Clifton

4,000 students are currently enrolled in these campuses. Want some more information to consider taking admission here? The school offers incredible scholarships for its meritorious students. They’ll get your back through the entire time that you study there!

We hope this list proved helpful for the students interested in accountancy and finance in Pakistan. If you’re amongst the bright minds who aim to go against mainstream professions and acquire an extraordinary profession in life, then ACCA is the best choice for you!