Study Abroad in New Zealand for Pakistani Students

Studying abroad in New Zealand can be a great opportunity for Pakistani students to gain international exposure, experience a different culture, and receive a high-quality education.

Introduction to New Zealand

With English being the capital language, New Zealand is approximately 8 hours ahead of Pakistan!

Much like the climate of Pakistan, New Zealand inhabits mountaintops, plenty of sunshine and snow and coastlines.

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Making it a great spot of recreational activities like hiking, swimming, surfing and sport exercises for the pastime of the international student body.

The education system of New Zealand is quite similar to the British method and has a strong quality control policy. Many of its universities have effortlessly made it to the top ranks of QS World University Rankings.

Why Study in New Zealand?

Among the picturesque beauty of New Zealand, its inhabitants are among the most welcoming people. Every year there is a rise of 10 to 12% of international students in this gorgeous country.

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One of the most important perks of studying in New Zealand is a cost-effective lifestyle (including accommodation, food, transport utilities) and cheap education cost as compared with other major nations like Canada, US and the United Kingdom.

New Zealand Top Universities

UniversityLocationInternational Ranking
University of AucklandAuckland81
University of OtagoDunedin184
Victoria University of WellingtonWellington221
University of CanterburyChristchurch264
Massey UniversityPalmerston North332
New Zealand Top Universities

Working Opportunities in New Zealand

Many paid work opportunities are available for international students to cover their expenses during their degree completion and afterwards graduation.

Did you know that the work rule for international students is around 20 hours per week?

The students are encouraged to work for up to a year after graduation and about 2 years of paid work relevant to their degrees. Some apply for the permanent immigration process and acquire student loans and residency after it’s a successful application.

Academic Requirements for Admission in New Zealand

  • You should have a minimum of 75% passing marks in all your previous academic records to apply.
  • You can directly apply for admission at the official website of your desired university in New Zealand.
  • To make certain that you are granted the student visa, you must make sure the selected course should have the approval of the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA).
  • You have to clear the below English proficiency tests depending upon the university you are applying in and have the necessary documentation to prove it:
    • IELTS
    • TOEFL
    • Cambridge
    • SAT test

What Are the Documents Required for Applying in New Zealand?

Make sure you provide the accurate documents and copies of:

  • Transcripts of academic reports
  • All your extracurricular certificates
  • Recommendation letters
  • Letter of intent
  • Bank statement
  • Any work or research experience (if required)
  • Credible passport

Study Visa Application for New Zealand

Instead of the embassy, the government of New Zealand has set up a consulate in Karachi.

You can look up the visa application form on the website of the New Zealand consulate and apply. You have to visit the nearest branch or the head office and they will guide you thoroughly.

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The process of acceptance of a study visa takes about 4 to 6 weeks.

Scholarships for New Zealand

In collaboration with the Pakistani government and the Higher Education Commission (HEC), several universities of New Zealand provide numerous scholarships to worthy student candidates.

Among these are the Massey University, the University of Auckland having the 72 number ranking globally by the QS in graduation, and the University of Waikato being among the top 300 rankings worldwide universities.

Steps to Apply for Study in New Zealand

Step 1: Be Aware:

Know and research in which degree, course and university you want to apply in New Zealand.

Find out first the answers to:-

Are there any scholarships that I can avail? What are the limits of the budget? What is the cost of travel, education and my stay during my time in New Zealand? Do I fit for the requisites of that university?

Step 2: Find an Agent

You need to find and hold several meetings with trained counsellors and agents.

They will advise you regarding destination, necessary documentation, visa requirements, course options, university selection and how to send in your application to that specific university to gain admission.

Admission and visa protocols keep on changing and these counsellors are highly equipped and updated on the most recent information.

Step 3: Send in your Admission Application

After careful finalising and gathering of all your required documents, you can apply at the desired university(s) through your agents.

They will keep track and update you regarding the application status.

You might even be called in for an interview by a University representative or have an online interview depending upon the university.

Step 4: Obtain your Offer Letter by the University

Your agent will let you know when the university sends in your Offer Letter. You have to act quickly to deliver in case there is any requisite demanded by the university otherwise they hold the power to accept or reject your admission form.

Step 5: Provision of Medical and Bank Statements

You have to undergo health supervision by New Zealand’s recommended doctor.

Then obtain a Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) and also provide Bank Statement.

This Bank Statement is to ensure that you have sufficient funds to cover your educational and accommodation expenses.

Step 6: Apply for Visa

After applying for Visa, your travel agent will stay in contact with the New Zealand embassy for further information.

Thereupon, receiving the acceptance of the Visa and the “Approval of the Principal“, you may begin your packing to fly to New Zealand!

When applying for the Study Visa, you may have to provide a return ticket to Pakistan from New Zealand indicating the exclusive purpose of your visit to be educational.

Step 7: Deposit your Admission Fee

You have to deposit your admission fee along with the fee of the first semester/year and accommodation.

You can do this through the Telegraphic Transfer (TT) or by Direct Debit (DD).

Step 8: Book a Ticket!

After collecting your Visa Stamp and approval, you can book a tour ticket to New Zealand!

Before doing that make sure you have all the necessary funds for living expenditure, packed correctly and made arrangements for your stay there.

Educational Expense for New Zealand

Remember the living and educational costs vary from year to years and course to course. The average cost is $22,000 ($11,000 per year) to $32,000 ($16,000 per year) for an Undergraduate program. This you have to consult with your counsellor.