Study Abroad in Estonia for Pakistani Students

If you are looking for a great study destination to proceed with09 your higher education, Estonia is a really wise choice. With the passing years, Estonia has become a popular and top-rated study destination for foreign students who wish to study in Europe.

About Estonia:

In recent times, Estonia has eagerly upgraded the standards of education systems with the help of massive investments and improving the overall education institutes. The Estonian universities are famous for their state-of-the-art facilities, highly qualified faculty members, worldwide degree recognition and standard curriculum design.

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Estonia has a population of 1.3 million and despite the fact that it is a small country, it has developed quite remarkably and rapidly. It is now considered as one of the world’s highest-performing economies. Estonia’s education quality is ranked 13th best in the world by OECD.

Estonian Top Universities

UniversityLocationInternational Ranking
University of TartuTartu301-350
Tallinn University of TechnologyTallinn601-800
Tallinn UniversityTallinn1001+
Estonian Academy of ArtsTallinn801-1001+
Estonian University of Life SciencesTartu1001+
Estonian Top Universities

Admission Requirements for Pakistani Students in Estonian Universities

Estonian universities have different admission requirements for EU and non-EU students. The students who come from non-EU backgrounds have to fulfil certain requirements such as language requirements and subject wise grading requirements in order to get admission in the study program of Estonian Universities.

When you are applying in Estonia, make sure you have done all the required research about the institute you plan on applying into and choose an accurate study program/degree and make sure to check their admission requirements beforehand.

Admission Requirements for Undergraduate Degree Programs

  • The students will have to take an entry test followed by an interview on Skype.
  • The student will be eligible for admission only if he/she has passed the Higher Secondary School diploma in good grades.
  • The minimum grades subject wise will be set as a merit for different related study programs.
  • For example, if you want to take admission in BBA, you should at least have 70% marks in mathematics in high school.
  • And in case you want to get yourself registered in a medical degree; you need to at least have 90% marks in Biology previously.
  • You will also require an IELTS or TOEFL language proficiency test certificate.

Admission Requirements for Postgraduate Degrees


  • For taking admission in Masters (postgraduate program), you need to have passed Bachelor’s (4 years) from a well-renowned institute and have completed that degree with good grades (with at least 180 ECTs)
  • The interview conducted via Skype remains a prerequisite for admission
  • A motivation letter will be required in place of an entrance test
  • To take admission in English taught courses, you will be asked to provide TOEFL or IELTS passed test certification.


  • Your previous degree (bachelors and Masters) should be done from well-reputed institutes with good grades.
  • The admission requirements include; research proposal, updated CV, Research experience, recommendation letter followed by a Skype interview.
  • To take admission in English taught courses, you will be asked to provide TOEFL or IELTS passed test certification, for postgraduate degree programs too.

Temporary Resident Permit for Study Purpose in Estonia

  • In Estonia, there are 2 types of students visas which are granted to students on the basis of their duration of stay in between their study program.
  • For those students who have taken a 90 days study degree program after which it will be completed can apply for a C type visa.
  • Whereas, for those students who have taken admission in universities of Estonia in a degree program that lasts longer than 90 days shall apply for a D type visa.
  • If that degree program is a long term which requires a D type visa, then they will have to apply for TRP.
  • To get TRP of Estonia, the students are required to submit the following documents:
  • Your own Valid Passport
  • The Original Acceptance Letter from Estonian University which serves as your hosting university
  • Proof of Sufficient Finances (The students are required to prove that they have enough finances which can easily cover 380 Euros per month expenses for their stay during their study period in Estonia).
  • Health insurance coverage (approx. 30,000 Euros health insurance package is to be purchased before you travel to Estonia. This health insurance is to ensure that it covers the medical expenses for your entire duration of stay in Estonia)
  • Proof of Accommodation of where you live in Estonia (rental contract, residential address, booking documents)
  • Verified transcripts of previous original academic records
  • Language proficiency test certificate
  • NOC (Non-Objection letter from student’s home university, college, institute)
  • Receipt of Visa application fee (it will be around 80 Euros approx)
  • Statement of Purpose (written by the student explaining study program course, duration, lectures details) along with why the particular degree program was chosen, in some cases.
  • Form B, Birth Certificate

Permanent Residency Visa Requirements to Live in Estonia

After a student/foreign national has lived in Estonia for 5 continuous years, he can get a permanent residency visa. Firstly, you will have to look for a job and then get a temporary resident permit card for employment. Students have approximately 270 days allowed in their TRP for study purpose card, in order to search for a job. During this time span, they can get employed and apply for the conversion of student visa to work purpose.

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The students then need to show proof of having accommodation, employment contract, and sufficient income to cover all their expenses. Other ways to get permanent residency in Estonia is to have it by marriage, descent or by birth.

Study and Living Expenses for Students:

Overall, Estonia is not an expensive country to live for foreign people. It is rather an affordable one. Approximately 380 to 500 Euros are required for one person to afford living expenses.

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Students can also work part-time in order to get some extra cash around their hands. The good thing is that they can work without acquiring extra documentation in Estonia so the expenses can be managed well. Then again, lifestyle choices and spending habits matter. If you know how to take care of all your needs with a fixed budget, you can spend and save some money too. The accommodation is affordable too, in fact, it is one of the cheapest in the European states.

  • Under Graduate Study Program Tuition Fee: 1700 to 5500 Euros per semester (it differs for each study program
  • Post Graduate (Masters) Study Program Tuition Fee: 830 to 1450 Euros per semester (every degree is different from one another and hence, the cost will be too)
  • Post Graduate (PhD) Study Program Tuition Fee: All PhD courses are totally free of cost for students (no matter what their nationality is) Also, an interesting thing is that the universities pay a monthly allowance of 400 Euros to PhD students along with accommodation and other expenses, which is great.