Study Abroad in Australia for Pakistani Students

Studying in Australia can be a great option for Pakistani students who want to pursue higher education abroad.

This is why the choice of country is very important. Every student wants to complete his studies from a university that holds an international reputation and standing. Australia is emerging as one of the most popular destinations for undergraduate and graduate students because of its high academic standards.

Australian universities feature regularly in top rankings globally and their degree programs are recognized worldwide. There is a large number of Pakistani students who are preferring Australia for completing their education and the number will only grow in the future.

Why Australia

Australian universities are held in high esteem globally. They have excellent research programs and facilities. The faculty is highly qualified. The cultural difference is not that much because of the English language. Australia is a part of the commonwealth so it is not very difficult for Pakistani students to settle in.

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In major cities like Sydney or Melbourne, the Pakistani diaspora is present in huge numbers so the sense of community is there. If you want to settle down in Australia after completing your degree then the pathway is fairly easy. You can earn while completing your studies by working part-time jobs. All of these make Australia an ideal destination for pursuing your studies.

Australian Top Universities
Australian Top Universities

Australian Top Universities

UniversityLocationInternational Ranking
University of MelbourneMelbourne26
Australian National UniversityCanberra31
University of SydneySydney42
University of New South WalesSydney44
University of QueenslandBrisbane46
Australian Top Universities

Choice of Program

Australian universities offer graduate and postgraduate programs in a variety of disciplines. These disciplines include science and technology, banking and finance, clinical medicine, liberal arts, and film making, etc. All of these programs are globally recognized and accredited.

You can choose your program according to your calibre and aptitude.


Australia has one of the largest percentages of international students. Studying in Australia will give you a chance to interact with people from diverse backgrounds and it will increase your exposure. It will also make your stay comfortable as you will be able to make many friends in Australia.

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Access to world-class libraries and research facilities will polish your professional skills and boost your career prospects. A competitive academic environment will drive you to perform at your finest which will help you in achieving your career goals. After getting a degree from Australia your career prospects will get a huge boost.


Scholarships are vital for international students aspiring to study abroad. Australia holds an edge in this aspect over other countries. There are a large number of scholarships available to international students in general and Pakistani students in particular. Some of these are fully funded and cover everything from your tuition fee to accommodation expenses.

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Most of these scholarships are merit-based but some are need-based as well. Australian universities also provide sports scholarships to prospective athletes which gives them a chance to polish their skills while completing their studies.

Student Friendly Policies

Australia is one of the most student-friendly countries in the world. Laws regarding international students are very simple and convenient. International students living in Australia on student visas enjoy the same rights as Australian citizens do. There is no restriction on working part-time jobs. Australian society is very open to strangers.

The visa process is comparatively simple. Job opportunities after completing your degree are numerous. Minimum wage and working conditions are on par with any other developed country of the world. Labour laws are implemented strictly.


There are a few requirements that you need to fulfil if you want to study in Australia. You have to pass the English language proficiency test which is not a hurdle to Pakistani students. Many institutes in Pakistan offer coaching services for acing these tests. You also need to have recommendation letters from the last institute you attended in Pakistan and police clearance.

Australian laws require that you submit a bank statement upon getting admission showing that you have a certain amount of Australian currency in your account. This is just to make sure that you will not violate the terms of your student visa.

Many student consultancy firms in Pakistan offer consultancy services from university admission to fulfilling visa requirements. You can choose one depending on its reputation and the services provided.


Australian cities like Melbourne and Sydney are considered among the most desirable cities in the world to live in. They have a multicultural society that is very liberal and forward-leaning. You can enjoy various events held by student unions in Australia during your stay in the country.

These events will help you in socializing and broadening your circle. Australia also boasts of being home to major sporting events in the world like the Australian Open Tennis tournament and Formula One Australian Grand Prix.

For Pakistani students studying in Australia comes the exciting prospect of witnessing the Australian cricket circuit. Studying in Australia will give you the rare chance to enjoy these events.

Living Expenses

The cost of living in Australia can vary depending on the city and lifestyle. As a general guide, here are some estimated costs per week:

  • Accommodation: The cost of accommodation can range from AUD $150 to $350 per week, depending on the type of housing and location. Shared accommodation or student dormitories can be cheaper options.
  • Food: On average, students can spend around AUD $80 to $150 per week on groceries and eating out.
  • Transportation: Students can expect to spend around AUD $15 to $50 per week on transportation, depending on the city and mode of transport. Most major cities have public transportation options such as buses, trains, and trams.
  • Other expenses: Other expenses such as textbooks, stationery, and leisure activities can cost around AUD $50 to $100 per week.

Accommodation is comparatively cheap in Australia. Costs of accommodation are cut down further if you choose to live in group accommodation. You have the freedom of working part-time jobs to fund your expenditure. Generally, Australia is not a costly country.

The prices of essentials are nominal and well within the range of an average student. Australia is a stable economy which is manifested by the comparatively high living standards.

Research Opportunities

Meaningful research requires a conducive environment. Australian universities provide that ideal environment for research with world-class facilities and highly motivated faculty. 

If you can get your work published in any Australian journal it will uplift your career prospects enormously and increase your credentials because Australian journals are globally recognized.

Personal Liberties

Australia is an open democracy. Personal liberties are cherished and celebrated. You can practice your culture and religion without any fear of repercussions or being judged. There is no concept of racial discrimination which is a very critical factor for international students.