Scope Of Political Science In Pakistan: Jobs, Salary, Admission, Future

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What Is Political Science And What Do Political Scientist Do?

Political Science is concerned with the study of different political theories and their evolution.

It takes into account the implementation of these theories and their effects on different countries and economies.

It is also related to the study of wars between different countries and reasons which bring countries at brink of war.

Political Scientists analyze different models of government used by humans over the centuries and debate about their pros and cons.

They give recommendations regarding public policies and good governance. Foreign policy drafts and principles also come under their domain.

Military history is also an essential aspect of political science.

For pursuing this field, you must have a keen interest in history.

Students who find themselves debating about world politics should pursue this career as it is ideal for their natural aptitude.

A career in political science starts with a graduation degree in law, history, sociology, governance, etc.
After that, masters and Ph.D. can be pursued in the field of interest. Political scientists are employed by governments, NGOs, and different think tanks.

These individuals can also join politics and contest elections.

Different international organizations like the United Nations also employ political scientists in various sister organizations, for example, the UN Human Rights Council, UN Agency for Refugees, UN special envoy for a specific region, etc.

What Are The Required Skills In Political Science?

Book reading habit should be highly developed as it would help you in acquiring more and more knowledge.

You should be abreast with current affairs.

An interest in history is necessary as, without it, you cannot prosper in this field.

Presentation skills are also of importance as political scientists have to appear on public forums, for example, television programs, seminars, etc.

You should have a flexible attitude as politics is a subjective field, and nothing is absolute in this field. A rigid mind can never analyze and progress in this field.

And do you know 77% of Employers Not Happy with the Quality of Pakistani Graduates

These are the skills that lack in fresh graduates in Pakistan

  • Verbal Communication (83.63%)
  • Positive Attitude (71.93%)
  • Team Working (64.91%)
  • Critical Thinking (59.06%)
  • Self Confidence (59.06%)
  • Written Communication (57.31%)
  • Drive &Resilience (57.31%)
  • Stress Tolerance (47.37%)
  • Adaptability (46.20%)
  • Time Management (45.61%)
  • Self-Awareness (45.03%) and Planning &Organizing (45.03%)
  • Integrity (43.86%)

What Are The Career Prospects Of Political Science?

Foreign Policy Expert: 

These individuals are experts in bilateral relations between countries, for example, Indo-Pak relations. They also study relations between groups of countries for instance between Arab League Countries and NATO members

Comparative Politics: 

Experts of this field are concerned with the study of politics of different regions and their comparison. They study the dynamics of various societies and how these dynamics affect their economy, growth rate, world influence, etc

Political Philosophy: 

They explore different political theories, for example, capitalism, socialism, communism, etc. All societies are based on one of these theories. So this field also involves the study of how a particular theory shaped world history.

Public Law:

This field is concerned with the study of how different political systems give rise to entirely different laws. For example, a socialist society is governed by entirely different rules compared to a capitalist society.


You can become a political science teacher at schools, colleges, and universities.

What Are The Important Points To Be A Political Scientist?


You should select Political Science if you have interest in the following things:

  • History
  • Law
  • International relations 
  • Foreign policy principles 
  • Military history.

Academic Requirement:

Graduation programs in political science are being offered by many reputable institutes. After that Masters in public policy, public administration, international relations, etc. will be required

Working Hours: 

Work is usually confined to office hours.

Place Of Work: 

Different government institutes, NGOs, think tanks, educational institutes, etc


Sometimes the government is not happy with your views, and it does not allow criticism of dissenting voices. Different authoritative governments often crackdown on dissenting political thinkers and philosophers. But society holds them in high regard, and people respect these brave men.

What Are Political Scientist Salaries In Pakistan?

The average Political Scientist salary in Pakistan is PKR 240,000 per year or PKR 20,000 per month. Entry level positions start at PKR 20,000 per month while most experienced workers make up to PKR 105,000 per month.

What Is The Future Of Political Science Jobs In Pakistan?

When you type the Political Science’s jobs in Pakistan, you can also write your city name instead of Pakistan to find the jobs.

Pro Tip:
Go to Tool>Select Within 24 Hours. You will be the first to apply for the job hence more chances for the job getting in the industry.

You can also use Google Image that is a handy tool for finding jobs.

You can search the jobs in your city or province, and you can conclude either you should select this field or not based on the jobs available.

You can find Political Science Jobs in Pakistan from

Here is the sector-wise salary in Pakistan, data taken from LUMS Prospectus that is a prestigious university in Pakistan.

  • Health Care (Rs. 100,000 per month)
  • FMCG (Rs. 85,571 per month)
  • Home Appliances (Rs. 75,000 per month)
  • Engineering (Rs. 75,000 per month)
  • Group/Conglomerate (Rs. 71,676 per month)
  • IT/Technology (Rs. 61,676 per month)
  • Textile (Rs. 55,000 per month)
  • Transport (Rs. 55,000 per month)
  • Banking/Financial (Rs. 52,042 per month)
  • Consulting (Rs. 52,042 per month)
  • Manufacturing (Rs. 50,000 per month)
  • Packaging (Rs. 50,000 per month)

What Are The Universities In Pakistan Offering Admissions In Political Science?

These are the universities that are offering Political Science in Pakistan.

1. The Islamia University Of BahawalpurBahawal Pur
2. The University Of BunerBuner
3. University Of MalakandChakdara
4. Ghazi UniversityD.g.khan
5. Gomal UniversityD.i. Khan
6. Fata UniversityDarra Adam Khail
7. Government College University, FaisalabadFaisalabad
8. Government College Women UniversityFaisalabad
9. University Of GujratGujrat
10. International Islamic UniversityIslamabad
11. Quaid-e-Azam UniversityIslamabad
12. University Of SindhJamshoro
13. Federal Urdu University Of Arts Science &Technology, KarachiKarachi
14. University Of KarachiKarachi
15. Shah Abdul Latif UniversityKhair Pur
16. Government College University, LahoreLahore
17. Kinnaird College For WomenLahore
18. Lahore College For Women UniversityLahore
19. University Of The PunjabLahore
20. The University Of Lakki MarwatLakki Marwat

To find the Political Science  department of any university, just type Political Science + University name like

Moreover, you can call them.

What Is The Trend Of Political Science In Pakistan?

Google has created an amazing tool called Google Trend that shows the searches being done by the people living in the country or city.

I am searching do people search Political Science in Pakistan? If so, which province or city.

Here you can see it all.

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