Scope Of Marketing In Pakistan: Jobs, Salary, Admission, Future

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What Is Marketing And What Do Marketers Do?

Marketing is basically the selling of goods and services. Those who advertise and advocate products and services in various industries are known as marketeers or marketing agents.

There is a wide scope of opportunities for marketing graduates in various commercial, government agencies, and nonprofit organizations.

Marketing agents start advertising campaigns and promotional activities for different luxury brands of sports, clothing, technology, and corporate industries.

Marketers negotiate contracts, build up public images, set up multi-channel communication systems, and devise unique advertising techniques and schemes for product promotion and increasing sales.

They are hired by publishing companies, PR agencies, IT industries, law firms, and multi-corporate companies.

They even work in education and research work having degrees for researching consumer and new digital marketing trends.

Minimum Bachelor’s level education is required to enter the job market, but internships did cast a preferable impression on your resume.

A right marketing agency should have an awareness of current consumer trends, focus on advertising and digital marketing, and be punctual regarding communication and management.

What Are The Required Skills In Marketing?

A marketing agency should be creative, imaginative, and innovative to come up with unique ideas for product advertising.

One should be driven and determined as a lot of responsibilities are awarded in this domain. Perception and intuition traits are much needed to predict future market trends.

Leadership and teamwork skills are essential for working on promotional projects. Persuasion, storytelling, and communication skills are vital for selling services.

Time and multitasking management capabilities are requisite for meeting deadlines.

And do you know 77% of Employers Not Happy with the Quality of Pakistani Graduates

77% of Employers Not Happy with the Quality of Pakistani Graduates

These are the skills that lack in fresh graduates in Pakistan

  • Verbal Communication (83.63%)
  • Positive Attitude (71.93%)
  • Team Working (64.91%)
  • Critical Thinking (59.06%)
  • Self Confidence (59.06%)
  • Written Communication (57.31%)
  • Drive &Resilience (57.31%)
  • Stress Tolerance (47.37%)
  • Adaptability (46.20%)
  • Time Management (45.61%)
  • Self-Awareness (45.03%) and Planning &Organizing (45.03%)
  • Integrity (43.86%)

What Are The Career Prospects Of Marketing?

What Are the Career Prospects of Sociology in Pakistan?

Chief Marketing Officer (CMO): 

Leadership or executive position where the Officer is in charge of all marketing activities, promotional strategies, and programs to meet the sales objectives.

Marketing Manager:

Conduct promotional events, advertising campaigns, and other marketing programs for increasing sales and product success.

Market Research Analyst: 

Identifies where the industry is heading, what are new marketing challenges and consumer trends.

Brand Managers: 

Are responsible for maintaining and increasing brand sales and identifying new marketing opportunities.

  • Digital Marketer: 

Digital Marketing is the future. That’s why Google is offering free certification in digital marketing.

 What Are The Important Points To Be A Marketing Executive?


  •  Journalism
  •  Psychology
  •  Communications
  •  Economics
  •  Storytelling
  •  Helping others
  •  Public Speaking
  •  Business
  •  Fascination with numbers
  •  Passion for innovation

Academic Qualifications:

A Bachelor’s degree in Marketing or Business Administration.

For higher posts such as Chief Marketing Officer, a Master’s degree in Business Administration is suitable.

Diplomas or specialization in the fields of digital marketing and marketing or brand management, multicultural marketing is guaranteed to obtain lucrative jobs.

If you are interested in research and study, then a Ph.D. in quantitative marketing or consumer behavior is beneficial in the marketing sector.

Work Form: 

Regular business hours. Extra shifts would be required for completing projects and meeting deadlines.

Work Place: 

Offices and occasionally traveling for attending conferences or meeting clients.


Work in this profession is very demanding and competitive. Huge responsibilities are placed, and you have to be constantly at the beck and call of clients.

What Are Marketing Executive Salaries In Pakistan?

The average Marketing Executive salary in Pakistan is PKR 282,696 per year or PKR 23,500 per month. Entry level positions start at PKR 20,000 per month while most experienced workers make up to PKR 90,000 per month.

You can find Marketing Jobs in Pakistan from

Here is the sector-wise salary in Pakistan, data taken from LUMS Prospectus that is a prestigious university in Pakistan.

  • Health Care (Rs. 100,000 per month)
  • FMCG (Rs. 85,571 per month)
  • Home Appliances (Rs. 75,000 per month)
  • Engineering (Rs. 75,000 per month)
  • Group/Conglomerate (Rs. 71,676 per month)
  • IT/Technology (Rs. 61,676 per month)
  • Textile (Rs. 55,000 per month)
  • Transport (Rs. 55,000 per month)
  • Banking/Financial (Rs. 52,042 per month)
  • Consulting (Rs. 52,042 per month)
  • Manufacturing (Rs. 50,000 per month)
  • Packaging (Rs. 50,000 per month)

What Is The Future Of Marketing Jobs In Pakistan?

When you type Marketing’s jobs in Pakistan, you can also write your city name instead of Pakistan to find the jobs.

Pro Tip:
Go to Tool>Select Within 24 Hours. You will be the first to apply for the job hence more chances for the job getting in the industry.

You can also use Google Image that is a handy tool for finding jobs.

You can search the jobs in your city or province, and you can conclude either you should select this field or not based on the jobs available.

What Are The Universities In Pakistan Offering Admissions In Marketing?

These are the universities that are offering BBA (Marketing) in Pakistan.

1. Virtual University Of PakistanLahore
2. Shaheed Benazir Bhutto UniversityNawab Shah
3. Muhammad Ali Jinnah UniversityKarachi
4. National College Of Business Administration And Economics, LahoreLahore
5. University Of South AsiaLahore
6. Shaheed Benazir Bhutto University Nawabshah, Sub CampusNaushero Feroze
7. Shaheed Benazir Bhutto University, Sanghar CampusSanghar
8. Hailey College Of CommerceLahore
9. University College LahoreLahore
10. National College Of Business Administration & Economics (east Canal Campus)Lahore
11. Palpa Institute Of Aviation And Management SciencesKarachi

To find the  BBA (Marketing) department of any university, just type BBA (Marketing)  + university name like

Moreover, you can call them.

What Is The Trend Of Marketing?

Google has created a fantastic tool called Google Trend that shows the searches being done by the people living in the country or city.

I am searching do people search Marketing in Pakistan? If so, which province or city.

Here you can see it all.

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