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What Is Linguistics And What Do Linguistics Expert Do?

It’s funny how letters form words and words, then form sentences.

Want to know how..?

By linguistics!

Linguistics is the study of language. Those who study Linguistics are called linguists.

Linguistics is the study of how language is acquired, formed, and comprehended.

Linguists deal with the analysis and research of language meaning, language context, and the structure of language through time and space.

Following are the terms associated with the study of different fields of Linguistics:

  • Speech sounds (phonetics and phonology)
  • Word formation (morphology)
  • Grammar
  • Sentence formation (syntax)
  • Contextual meaning (semantics)
  • Contextual use of language (pragmatics)
  • Conversation analysis (discourse)

Linguists are proficient writers with linguistic sophistication. They work as editors or technical writers in software or manufacturing firms, media and publishing industries, journalism sectors, translators and interpreters.

Graduates in linguistics develop time and project management skills with diverse perspectives. This makes them resourceful in a variety of employment sectors. Various PR companies, accountancy firms, marketing, and advertising agencies hire linguists.

You can work as a communications assistant in Public Relations, Foreign Service Officer or policy analyst in government educational department, or as a survey analyst in many corporate factories.

Linguists with cross-cultural communication and transcribing and analyzing language skills makes them adaptable for employment services in fields such as health services, speech technology, legal consulting, data mining, or forensic science.

An advanced degree with specific specialization courses and research work best to gain higher posts in the field.

What Are The Required Skills In Linguistics?

Linguistics graduates should be able to identify, define, and generate creative solutions to complex problems.

Be able to express and understand multiple viewpoints and think collaboratively when working as part of a team.

Be able to weigh alternatives, think critically, and logically present information. Linguists should have the necessary skills for observing details and communicating results effectively.

And do you know 77% of Employers Not Happy with the Quality of Pakistani Graduates

77% of Employers Not Happy with the Quality of Pakistani Graduates

These are the skills that lack in fresh graduates in Pakistan

  • Verbal Communication (83.63%)
  • Positive Attitude (71.93%)
  • Team Working (64.91%)
  • Critical Thinking (59.06%)
  • Self Confidence (59.06%)
  • Written Communication (57.31%)
  • Drive &Resilience (57.31%)
  • Stress Tolerance (47.37%)
  • Adaptability (46.20%)
  • Time Management (45.61%)
  • Self-Awareness (45.03%) and Planning &Organizing (45.03%)
  • Integrity (43.86%)

What Are The Career Prospects Of Linguistics?

  • Forensic linguist: 

Applies linguistic insights for law firms, police investigations, and other judicial processes by examining emergency calls, suicide, and threat note.

  • Human Resource Specialist: 

Screens, recruits and trains employees. Manages employees issues, employee tasks, compensation and benefits.

  • Professor: 

Lecturer and teaches the study of linguistics to other passionate students in different colleges and universities.

  • Speech-Language Pathologist: 

Aids children and adults suffering from speech impairment like deafness or communication problems.

  • Web Editor: 

Edits and updates content of a website by planning, researching, and editing Web pages.

  • Editorial Assistant: 

Oversee the work of freelance writers, make sure the articles are timely completed, and manuscripts are edited for publishing.

What Are The Important Points To Be A Linguistics?


If you have interests in the following things, then this field is a match for you:

  • Language study
  • Psychology 
  • Anthropology 
  • Sociology 
  • Philosophy
  • Research work 
  • Creative writing 
  • Foreign language learning
  • Academic Qualifications:

A Bachelor’s degree in English Language and Literature is needed to kick start the career.

Master’s degree is preferable to obtain high posts with specialization in one of the following fields:

  • Applied linguistics
  • Forensic linguistics
  • Language sciences
  • Work Form: 

Regular business hours. Occasional traveling for attending seminars. 

  • Work Place: 

Regular offices or academic classrooms

  • Obstacles:

A lot of patience is required while waiting for results when doing research work.

What Is Linguistics Salary In Pakistan?

The average Linguistics salary in Pakistan is PKR 320,484 per year or PKR 26,717 per month. Entry level positions start at PKR 26,717 per month while most experienced workers make up to PKR 105,000 per month.

You can find Linguistics Jobs in Pakistan from

Here is the sector-wise salary in Pakistan, data taken from LUMS Prospectus that is a prestigious university in Pakistan.

  • Health Care (Rs. 100,000 per month)
  • FMCG (Rs. 85,571 per month)
  • Home Appliances (Rs. 75,000 per month)
  • Engineering (Rs. 75,000 per month)
  • Group/Conglomerate (Rs. 71,676 per month)
  • IT/Technology (Rs. 61,676 per month)
  • Textile (Rs. 55,000 per month)
  • Transport (Rs. 55,000 per month)
  • Banking/Financial (Rs. 52,042 per month)
  • Consulting (Rs. 52,042 per month)
  • Manufacturing (Rs. 50,000 per month)
  • Packaging (Rs. 50,000 per month)

What Is The Future Of Linguistics Jobs In Pakistan?

When you type the Linguistics’s jobs in Pakistan, you can also write your city name instead of Pakistan to find the jobs.

Pro Tip:
Go to Tool>Select Within 24 Hours or Past Year. You will be the first to apply for the job hence more chances for the job getting in the industry.

You can also use Google Image that is a handy tool for finding jobs.

You can search the jobs in your city or province, and you can conclude either you should select this field or not based on the jobs available.

What Are The Universities In Pakistan Offering Admissions In Linguistics?

These are the universities that are offering Linguistics in Pakistan.

1. Ned University Of Engineering &TechnologyKarachi
2. Kinnaird College For WomenLahore
3. Hamdard UniversityKarachi
4. University Of Management And TechnologyLahore

To find the Linguistics department of any university, just type Linguistics + University name like

Moreover, you can call them.

What Is The Trend Of Linguistics In Pakistan?

Google has created an amazing tool called Google Trend that shows the searches being done by the people living in the country or city.

I am searching do people search Linguistics in Pakistan? If so, which province or city.

Here you can see it all.

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