Scope Of Biotechnology In Pakistan: Jobs, Salary, Admission, Future

Biotechnology is a field that uses living organisms and systems to create products and technologies for human benefit. It has a wide scope in Pakistan, as it can be applied in various sectors such as agriculture, health, environment, and industry. Some of the jobs that biotechnologists can pursue in Pakistan are:

  • Research scientist
  • Laboratory technician
  • Quality control officer
  • Bioinformatics analyst
  • Biomedical engineer
  • Genetic counselor
  • Lecturer

Written by: Mohammad Abdullah Humayun

In this article, you will know:

  • What is Biotechnology
  • Technology based on biology is used in agriculture, food science, and medicine. It is also the exploitation of biological processes for industrial and other purposes, including the genetic manipulation of bacteria to produce antibiotics, hormones, etc.
  • Biotechnology was used by man even before the beginning of recorded history through domestication of animals, cultivation of plants and fermentation of beer and wine. Since then it has progressed to a stage where it is now possible to manipulate genes in a manner that can help to eliminate diseases and improve crop yields.
  • The scope of biotechnology is extremely broad. From the use of sugar producing bacteria in the production of alcohol by fermentation to genetically engineered bacteria that produce insulin; from monoclonal antibodies that are being used to treat cancer to plants that produce pesticides; from bacteria that clean up oil spills to bacteria that detect environmental pollution; from breeding high yield crops to sequencing genomes; from stem cell research to cloning, biotechnology has made possible what seemed impossible just a few years ago.
  • Biotechnology is not just about recombinant DNA technology. It includes traditional methods used by mankind since time immemorial like brewing, cheese making and bread making.
  • Jobs of Biotechnology in Pakistan
  • Salary of Biotechnologist in Pakistan
  • Find Out This Field is a Match for You

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What Is Biotechnology And What Do Biotechnologist Do?

Biotechnology is concerned with the study of living organisms with the aim of designing products from them for the benefit of mankind.

For example, vaccines are derived from different bacteria and viruses.

Similarly, many drugs are derived from microorganisms. With the advancement in recombinant DNA technology, biotechnologists are working for synthetic hormones, drugs, etc.

In this way, many diseases which at one time were thought to be incurable are now being treated very effectively.

For example, Hemophilia had no cure previously, but now synthetic clotting factors are made by using recombinant DNA technology, and they are available for people suffering from hemophilia.

So biotechnology is a very interesting field with widespread applications.

Biotechnology is a very broad term. It encompasses many different aspects, for example, high-level research work to local level manufacturing work.

For this field, you must have a degree in the concerned area of interest. After a specialization in one field, it will be difficult for you to convert to another field.

You can start working after matric as a trainee laboratory technician in a firm. Side by side you can increase your chances of growth by acquiring higher qualifications in the concerned field.

For pursuing biotechnology, you must have graduate-level qualification in biochemistry, microbiology, etc.

What Are The Required Skills In Biotechnology?

You must have an innovative approach and a desire to acquire knowledge about the latest breakthroughs in the field of biology.

For conducting experiments, there should be sound analytical skills. Problem-solving abilities also add value to your resume. A creative mind is necessary for designing new experiments, thinking outside the box, and solving technical complexities.

Good knowledge of computer and IT is necessary to analyze and compute data related to experiments and for tabulating and formulating conclusions and results.

Determination and perseverance are required for experimental work as many times you fail before succeeding with a target.

And do you know 77% of Employers Not Happy with the Quality of Pakistani Graduates

77% of Employers Not Happy with the Quality of Pakistani Graduates

These are the skills that lack in fresh graduates in Pakistan

  • Verbal Communication (83.63%)
  • Positive Attitude (71.93%)
  • Team Working (64.91%)
  • Critical Thinking (59.06%)
  • Self Confidence (59.06%)
  • Written Communication (57.31%)
  • Drive &Resilience (57.31%)
  • Stress Tolerance (47.37%)
  • Adaptability (46.20%)
  • Time Management (45.61%)
  • Self-Awareness (45.03%) and Planning &Organizing (45.03%)
  • Integrity (43.86%)

What Are The Career Prospects Of Biotechnology?

  • Research Associate

You can become a research associate for DNA barcoding, fingerprinting for identification of cotton and other things.

  • Clinical Scientist

 They work in hospital settings to conduct research work on patients so that data gathered could be used for analysis and proposing new guidelines regarding different diseases.

  • Fuel And Chemical Biotechnologist

 They are working for the production of environmentally friendly products and for designing new fuels which are not pollutants.

In an era of the green economy, their importance is immense. Many countries have laws banning plastic and other materials which can pollute the environment now. Fuel and chemical biotechnologists are working day and night to provide innovative solutions for the menace of pollution.

  • Brewing Biotechnologists

They are working to improve products made through the process of fermentation, for example, alcohol.

  • Biotechnology Teacher

They are working to improve products made through the process of fermentation, for example, alcohol.

What Are The Important Points To Be A Biotechnologist?

  • Interests

You must have a curious mind. A profound interest in biology and science. An aptitude for lab work and research and a passion for mathematics and computing

  • Minimum Skills

Masters in necessary in microbiology, environmental biology, etc.

  • Working Technique

Usually office hours

  • Work Place

Biotechnologists usually work in labs.

  • Difficulties/Drawbacks

Lab work can seem monotonous. Experimental work requires steadfastness and perseverance as many failed experiments lead you to a correct conclusion.

What Are The Biotechnologist Salaries In Pakistan?

The average Biotechnologist salary in Pakistan is PKR 360,000 per year or PKR 30,000 per month. Entry level positions start at PKR 20,000 per month while most experienced workers make up to PKR 110,000 per month.

What Is The Future Of Biotechnology Jobs In Pakistan?

When you type the biotechnology jobs in Pakistan, you can also write your city name instead of Pakistan to find the jobs.

Pro Tip:
Go to Tool>Select Within 24 Hours. You will be the first to apply for the job hence more chances for the job getting in the industry.

You can also use Google Image that is a handy tool for finding jobs.

You can search the jobs in your city or province, and you can conclude either you should select this field or not based on the jobs available.

What Are The Universities In Pakistan Offering Admissions In Biotechnology?

These are the universities that are offering Biotechnology in Pakistan.

1. Women University Azad Jammu &KashmirBagh
2. University Of Science &TechnologyBannu
3. University Of MalakandChakdara
4. Bacha Khan UniversityCharsadda
5. Gomal UniversityD.i. Khan
6. Government College University, FaisalabadFaisalabad
7. University Of GujratGujrat
8. International Islamic UniversityIslamabad
9. Quaid-e-Azam UniversityIslamabad
10. University Of SindhJamshoro
11. Dow University Of Health SciencesKarachi
12. Federal Urdu University Of Arts Science &Technology, KarachiKarachi
13. University Of KarachiKarachi
14. The University Of Management Sciences &Information TechnologyKotli
15. Government College University, LahoreLahore
16. Kinnaird College For WomenLahore
17. Lahore College For Women UniversityLahore
18. University Of The PunjabLahore
19. University Of Veterinary And Animal SciencesLahore
20. Virtual University Of PakistanLahore

To find the Biotechnology department of any university, just type Biotechnology + University name like

Moreover, you can call them.

What Is The Trend Of Biotechnology In Pakistan?

Google has created a fantastic tool called Google Trend that shows the searches being done by the people living in the country or city.

I am searching do people search Biotechnologist in Pakistan? If so, which province or city.

Here you can see it all.

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  • Q: What is biotechnology?
  • A: Biotechnology is a field that uses living organisms and systems to create products and technologies for human benefit. It can be applied in various sectors such as agriculture, food science, and medicine. It also involves the genetic manipulation of bacteria to produce antibiotics, hormones, etc.
  • Q: What are the jobs of biotechnology in Pakistan?
  • A: Some of the jobs that biotechnologists can pursue in Pakistan are:
    • Research scientist: They conduct research on various biological problems and develop new solutions and products.
    • Laboratory technician: They perform experiments and tests in laboratories and assist researchers.
    • Quality control officer: They ensure that the biotechnological products and processes meet the standards and regulations.
    • Bioinformatics analyst: They use computer and IT skills to analyze and interpret biological data and information.
    • Biomedical engineer: They design and develop medical devices and equipment that use biotechnology.
    • Genetic counselor: They provide advice and guidance to people who have genetic disorders or risks.
    • Lecturer: They teach biotechnology courses and topics in universities and colleges.
  • Q: What is the salary of a biotechnologist in Pakistan?
  • A: The salary of a biotechnologist in Pakistan depends on their qualification, experience, and employer. According to [Payscale], the average salary of a biotechnologist in Pakistan is PKR 600,000 per year. However, this can vary from PKR 200,000 to PKR 1,200,000 depending on the factors mentioned above.
  • Q: How can I find out if this field is a match for me?
  • A: To find out if biotechnology is a match for you, you should consider your interests, skills, and goals. You should have an interest in biology and its applications in various fields. You should also have skills such as innovation, analysis, problem-solving, creativity, computer and IT, determination, and perseverance. You should also have a clear goal of what you want to achieve with biotechnology and how it can benefit you and society.
  • Q: How can I get admission in biotechnology in Pakistan?
  • A: To get admission in biotechnology in Pakistan, you need to have a minimum of 60% marks in FSc pre-medical or equivalent. There are many universities in Pakistan that offer bachelor’s, master’s, and PhD degrees in biotechnology. Some of the top universities are:
    • Quaid-e-Azam University Islamabad
    • International Islamic University Islamabad
    • University of Karachi
    • University of Lahore
    • COMSATS University Islamabad